Being Human by Syed Hashim Haider


Another 23rd March, another Pakistan day just passed. It has been more than 65 years since the formation of Pakistan, which was indeed a memorable feat in the history. When Pakistan was being formed, many people viewed thought that it would be a failed state, in the foreseeable future. Although, that did not prove to be true but the situation did not improve at the pace it should have. Students, women and even children sacrificed greatly for their country during its formation. The country was made with undying efforts and iron willed determination of our late Quaid. People at that time literally laid down their lives and left everything they had, so their future generations could live a better life, a freer life.

But have we fulfilled our duty as the natives of this country? Have we done what was needed to make this country a better place? Pakistan was staggering badly at its feet and Pakistan is still struggling to be the country it was dreamt to be. The new generation is multi talented, they can achieve great wonders and accomplish greatness for their country. It is also true that many amongst the youth have already embarked on the journey to raise the green flag high in front of the world. Whether it is music, academics or sports Pakistanis have made us proud in all these fields and in many more. Young Arfa Karim (Late), is an example of exemplary talent and skill, she came on to be the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world. Such gifted is our youth. Malala Yousafzai, is another example of a girl who has fought against the whole world to receive education because she understood the worth of it, and was willing to take all the risks to attain the priceless gem that is education. She is the story of many other girls who are a target of similar oppression in the tribal areas.

The problem is not that the youth is incapable but that they lack direction.

The prevailing situation in our country is quite tragic as the leaders are mishandling and manipulating the youth for their own personal or party interest. Youth lacks the guidance and motivation to strive and thrive to achieve their level best. And the ones who reach that level usually leave their homeland to go to foreign countries. They offer their skills and talent to foreign people, mostly because of higher monetary benefits.

This is a sad story, which will continue indefinitely, if we do not provide our people with the value they deserve for their talent. Money is a very strong reason, which can drive people to do anything.

We need to create awareness and educate our youth so we can create a prosperous future. If we instill patriotism in the minds of the people, we can create an unparalleled force, which would protect and die for their country. Our youth lacks such strong sentiments through which they can connect with their homeland. There are many reasons, which explain this attitude of the youth. One key reason is the lack of good governance in the country, which has not only created difficulties for the development of the country, but has disheartened the youth with the hope of a good future. Quaid utilized the great asset of youth for the national interest. He once said:

I insist you to strive. Work, work and only work for satisfaction with patience, humbleness and serve the nation.”

We have in this quotation to transform our youth from a liability to an asset. Universities, and schools need to empower the youth of today, with the right knowledge and mind set to make them strong enough to bring the much needed change

We still hope and will always hope to see.


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