Branding Pakistan: Our Nation by Maryam Waheed

Branding a nation is used to manage, build and manage reputation of countries. The people, government and exports help maintain a better image of the country. Pakistan is a country known for its sports industry, Salt mines in khewra, world’s second largest Coal reserves and world’s third largest gas reserves but it is hard believe all this because these resources are not used effectively or efficiently. All that is needed is branding the nation in a way to clear all misconceptions about Pakistan and proving that it is a country that believes in peace and unity as it was even made for this purpose.


The enthusiasm to make our country better is visible and everyone should join hands to do so


LSE students in green Pakistan shirts supporting our country during cricket screening

The ways in which Pakistan can be positively branded is through:

Better role of government– The government mustplay a positive role and promote how Pakistan is a country that is actually not a terrorist country but a productive country that aims to promote peace and sovereignty.

Media portrayal of country– These day the role of media is of great importance and it influences everyone more than it has ever done in the past. The media can play an important role is promoting aspects of Pakistan that will be appreciated and admired by others.

A stable political system– The political system of Pakistan is very unstable at the current moment.  For a stable system, the right leaders and justice will help promote the nation as a whole.

Tourism– Better tourism facilities especially in the beautiful northern areas capture the level of interest in visiting Pakistan. These can include entertainment such as mountaineering and desert safari– which can be offered to tourism business.


The beautiful Neelam Valley

Portrayal of culture and heritage- The appreciation for contemporary culture, art, music and specially sports will help brand the nation of Pakistan to make people aware that it is not just a terrorist country but is also a country that is developing and progressing in all fields.

Investment and better education- Investment opportunities can be put forward for others to invest in and also investment in Pakistan can be done specially in the education sector to promote universities such as LUMS and LSE that provide good degrees and are world recognized.

International advertisement stating Pakistan as not a terrorist country-  It must be an important factor to brand Pakistan because there is a huge misconception all around the world that Pakistan is a terrorist country when actually it is a country that leads in the list of the 10 main contributors to UN peacekeeping.



For further details articles such as “Nation Branding and the Case of Pakistan” and also “A brand called Pakistan“. Also don’t forget to check out Yasir Bajwa’s article on “Cleaning Yourself” about how to make Pakistan a better place to live.


9 thoughts on “Branding Pakistan: Our Nation by Maryam Waheed

  1. The factors that are emphasized upon in this article can definitely help brand a positive image of Pakistan, specially tourism. A good read (Y)

  2. A very well written and informative article. Surely when these things will be looked upon, Pakistan will have a positive image.

  3. Good advice you have given. I think focusing on any part alone will not be as effective. We need to work on all of them together to make a better Pakistan. Its only us who can do it.

  4. Good article, especially during the time that the nation needs such steps the most. Such steps will surely help to portray a better image of the country.

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