Caterpillar out of a Cocoon by Maryam Waheed

For other people in this world, my life may not be interesting but for me it is interesting because I do what makes me happy. I maybe just another person with a life but for me, it is my only life which I will get to live only once. This is the reason I want to live with to the fullest without any regrets and worries because life is too short for that. I know this sounds too clichéd and at times and I do not adapt to what I am saying, but I do try all the time and that is what really matters.

I am spending a life that is not much different from other people’s lives and I am currently not doing anything special but I plan to do so that can gain me recognition. Currently I am studying at Lahore School of Economics and completing my under graduation. My life revolves around my family, my studies and some close friends that take up my whole day. Hanging out with friends is occasional but only with a small group. I am very devoted towards studying because I feel it is a learning process that teaches you a lot and in order to be successful in life, being educated is very important. Coming to university means that you are coming to gain knowledge and learn so that is what I do. Apart from that my hobbies include baking, reading and I love spending time with my pets. Baking has been a passion since quite a while since I took Food and nutrition as a subject in O’levels and learnt a lot of cooking from that subject. Apart from that I have a dog that I spend a lot of time with.

I plan to start a job in the marketing department of a well known firm after I am done with my graduation. Along with that I also want to spend more quality time with my family and something for them specially my mother who is my source of inspiration. She is the woman who has made me who I am today and I want to make her proud of me. These are the things that mostly take up my time in life.


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