Clean Yourselves for a better Pakistan by Yasir Ashraf Bajwa

The image shows how bribery is common in Pakistan.

The fallen can only rise if they try standing back up on their own feet. Likewise, a nation can only attain success if it tries footing up with out the help of any outsider. We have a great example in the very same continent. Japan, not more than 69 years ago, the country was burnt in to flames. But now, it is one of the leading economies of the world as it recently announces its annual budget of $937 Billion. How did they do it? The answer would be ‘By their selves’. What all this means is that we the people of Pakistan are the only ones who can help our nation prosper. No help from any other country on this planet will be effective until we tie up our laces by ourselves.

We being Pakistanis are very proud of our nation. We celebrate our national days with excitement, posting pictures of Jinnah and statuses for our nation on the social media. But the story should not just end here. All of us are equally responsible in amending the picture of our beloved nation being painted by the international media and the interested lobbies, as a terrorist nation and one of the most corrupt countries. It is not just the image of our nation being spoiled; it is our own faces getting bruised. 6121630-Pakistani_Flag_Flying_at_Minar_e_Pakistan_Lahore_Lahore

Pakistan is our home. No matter how much our people try running out of our country, they can not get as much freedom, as much pride and as much respect in any other place outside our very own Pakistan. Exactly like we solve problems at our home, we need to solve the issues inside our country which have been leading to such results. To give our country its name and respect back, we all need to hold each other’s hands and move forward together.

We all are very well aware that bribery and corruption are one of the most effective seeds of our poor economic, social and health conditions. Every time we see someone involved on such acts, we accuse them without realizing that at times every one of us is a part of these acts. Some at a bigger level while others at a lower scale. Most of us drive without a driving license, even that is corruption. We have polluted our nation’s image with accusations by ourselves. The blame can not be wholly put on the media. Hence, the first step that we need to make in order to save our nations pride should be to eradicate all these false habits with in our soles.


14 thoughts on “Clean Yourselves for a better Pakistan by Yasir Ashraf Bajwa

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  2. Glad u took the initiative Yasir. We need to create more cleanliness awareness in order to have a healthier and happier society.

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