Console Gaming by Sultan Shah

Gaming has been at its peak for quite a long while now, firstly people did not have much of an option in the gaming world. Neither did they have many games to play nor were viable platforms available. I remember going to arcades  and watching people go crazy over games when computers and gaming consoles were not so widespread . After some years when computers were introduced people shifted to playing games at home, so did I. Although computers were not so advanced at the time people still had something to play at home . Many gaming zones came into being where gamers went to play and compete with other gamers solo or in groups over LAN networks. Finally gaming consoles were introduced in Pakistan , such as PlayStation 1(Ps1) , PlayStation 2(Ps2) and the Xbox etc and later the big guns came such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Ps3).

These advanced gaming machines took gaming to a new level and into a new era of experiencing gaming in HD. They took local gaming to a global platform of gaming where every gamer could compete and play with each other live.

Living in Pakistan

Console gaming in Pakistan is different as there are hacks and mods for consoles which let you buy cheaper games but that also comes with a price which is you cannot go and play online if you get your console modded or hacked or else your console gets caught and its chip is banned and your console is just a plastic box after that , it becomes useless.

PS3 and Xbox360 both have hacks but there is not much of a  variety available of games available for PS3 after you get yours modded . While normally the games are very expensive and unaffordable , the PS3 Bluray discs cost vary from Rs 4000 to Rs 6000  , which is not affordable nor much people would want to spend that kind of money on games . The games are way too expensive considering PS3’s price itself.

While the Xbox 360 has a wide array of games available with its mod , there are loads of games available to play. To mod the Xbox 360 it costs around Rs.3500 its called J-Tag . As Xbox 360 games are on DVD they cost around Rs.100 or so  which is very cheap . While original games cost always as much as of the PS3. On the other hand you can install the XEX menu on it and download games from the internet and play them on your hard drive . You can play free games on the Xbox 360 all you need is a flash drive on a Hard drive to download games on .

That’s why people widely buy Xbox 360 in Pakistan as it’s games are way cheaper and easily available to get and play .

On the other hand Pakistani gamers do not play online compared to gamers in other parts of the world nor we have the resources to do so such as High speed internet or 3G services.

Hence I would prefer and suggest all of you buying Xbox 360 rather than PS3 “IF” you are in Pakistan because its games are cheaper and easily available . Online gaming is not so common that is why I would suggest the Xbox 360 , if you are going for online gaming and have a deep pocket than PS3 is what you should go for .

Thanks for reading please do like and share your thoughts

Sultan Shah


Lahore School Of Economics .




3 thoughts on “Console Gaming by Sultan Shah

  1. I think you make a good round-up point about the internet. Unless you dont have good internet service theres no point really in buying the PS3 here. Games too expensive and the J-tag on the Xbox makes it just unbeatable. I will say though that Sony PlayStation has some titles that Microsoft only wishes they had, God of War for example.

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