Do films reflect or influence our society? by Khanzada Daniyal

Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a series of moving pictures? Making films is an appreciated art which has captivated viewers for decades. However, some believe that films are influencing society rather than portraying it; this view depends entirely on the viewer.

Just as there are many different types of people in this world, there are many genres of the film. From romantic comedy, to the highly intense science fiction movie, viewers are provided with an array of films to choose from. The characteristic that makes us unique individuals in society is our ability to look at the world with a different perspective. One may observe the world with joy and optimism, being eternally grateful for the life given to oneself. A film- maker of such personality tends to make humorous films or comedies for instance.

On the other hand you have a very cynical individual, a person who believes everything is always done and is driven by a dark ulterior motive. They look at that world with a grim face and believe that death is the only wise alternative to a life so materialistic to them; thus comes to the genre of horror and tragedies. All these different views and opinions are channeled and expressed through the medium of filming and this diversity breeds the concept of various genres of a film. In a way, films are a part of what makes one human. Every character, every emotion and every track of the background music conveys one’s mental state of mind. It is far more than just a coincidence that one can relate to the plot of a certain film after watching it. It feels as if one was bound to watch that film no matter what.

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While films have the power to reflect society, they also have the leverage to influence the society. Such films are often Box Office hits and masterpieces that have and always will touch the hearts of millions. Disney classics such as, ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘A Hundred and One Dalmatians’ are timeless animated films, that almost every child has grown up watching, and have left a memorable impression on everyone.. Unforgettable characters such as Peter Pan himself and Captain Hook make one feel nostalgic. Other than providing an hour and a half’s worth of entertainment, these films always have a mortal at the end of them. Whether it is about being kind to animals or never talking to strangers, these ‘subliminal carriers’ are designed to teach us a range of important aspects concerning life and all that it offers; they prepare us for the future and strengthen our ethics and principles.

Unfortunately, not all films are a good influence on others. Profanity, violence and drugs reek in these films and they implant an image that such heinous activities are considered sporty and are worth respect, when sadly it is the exact opposite. These unnecessary scenes are relived in the real world by a few deranged fans and people end up reading about it in the next day’s paper, as if they were a script from a movie script.

“22 year-old man makes an attempt to stop school bus,” An unorthodox, yet common headline in the obituaries of every news paper. Clearly the science fiction genre has its quirks and limits, but it would be unfair to pin all the blame on just one genre of film. Ghosts, haunted mansions and other super natural apprehensions are brought about by the genre of horror for example.

So basically, it is the filmmaker’s movie which, at the end of the day, shed some light on what he or she wants to say and at the same time lures others to follow it as a model. Or is it just one of the two points? You decide.



40 thoughts on “Do films reflect or influence our society? by Khanzada Daniyal

  1. The article is a very well written one in the sense that it creates a poise by highlighting the pros and cons of films.

  2. The article has been expressed in a very descriptive manner. It points out the positives and negatives of films in our society in a very pellucid manner. Organized it pretty well! Good work!

  3. thats all well and good!!!! but films do create an impression in the viewers mind about certain things that the veiwer has not actually experienced!!!! this leads to an excessive amount of stereo-typing which inevitabaly has a negative effect on society!!!!

  4. Indeed Films and Dramas do portray a decisive role in positive as well as negative structuring of the society as whole, you laid down the facts in a very rational manner, keep up the good work mate!

  5. Well written article, it portrays both negative and positive sides of film in our society. Keep up the good work

  6. great article..but as you’ve brought this into discussion I think that society has more of an influence on film. We can know for sure that society influences film. We can see this in the fact that films in today’s society have become more coarse and vulgar as our society has moved away from the propriety that was expected of people in the 1950s. The values shown in films have clearly lagged behind those accepted in society, which implies that society is influencing films instead of the other way around.
    Films are made for the purpose of making money. Therefore, they have to reflect what people want. This means they are much more likely to be affected by society than to affect it.

  7. but yes..they reflect societies in a way..shows the mindsets of people..from 70s gangsters movies like scarface to the all action shallow movies of today showing the shallow minds of the current generation..they reflect societies!

  8. A very well written article.I’am glad someone wrote about the pros and cons on our film society!
    A really informative article and its for those people who are seeking information on film industry nd what it posseses.

  9. You have written an excellent article that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!

  10. A well thought out and effective article for the readers to digest which highlights the ever growing influence of the film industry on our society.

  11. Well written and well organized. It has indeed become a sensitive topic in our society today. Agreed upon the important points you’ve highlighted about the film industry. It does reflect our society.

  12. Very well compiled, covering all the aspects of the film industry. I totally agree that films do have an impact on our lives but it depends on an individual how he interprets the idea put forward by the writer. One might be taking it as a precaution for the future and others might use that idea to ruin their life.Secondly it is very true that the idea put forward in the film is more or less reflective of the society one belongs to hence making it more attractive for the viewers to follow.

  13. A growing business and a sensitive topic discussed. I totally agree with the fact that societies views have changed to a great extent that has brought both positive and negative impact in our lives. You’ve touched down both the advantages and disadvantages in an organized manner. Totally convinced! Good work!

  14. Excellent article. Very informative.
    Covers both the advantages and disadvantages of films, which is really helpful.
    Great work!

  15. Very well structures essay and very well writtten. Informative as it tells all about our film industry and highlights its pros as well as its cons. Ķeep it up

  16. A very well written and organized article. It perfectly describes the pros and con’s of the film industry in our society and sums up all of it perfectly !

  17. Films do reflect our society to a great extent as our behaviors and attitudes have changed a lot. The mind set of people have transformed and perspective have changed. Totally agree with this article as it has described both negative and positive impact on our society. We ourselves have become victim of this change that is due to the influence of films in our lives,
    job well done daniyal !

  18. A very well written article which points out the pros and cons of films and what effect they have on our life.

  19. agree to the fact that film do reflect our society and do influence our thinking pattern and the way we look to the issues existing in the society and unconsciously are influenced by the films covering the issue… Very well written article..

  20. Really impressive, the article summarizes the cons and pros of the film industry and its influence on our society, Keep up the good work Khanzada!

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