How does technology effect writing process by Basit Ali

Technology has definitely changed the way i write, in both quality and quantity. For me writing is more of a chore than an enjoyable activity. To be honest, I hate writing; essays, and assignments, even long e-mails sometimes bother me. When I sit down with my laptop to write an essay I look at the word processing screen and all I see is how much I haven’t written and how much I have left to write. There is a great difference between typing and writing by hand. While typing we type whatever comes into our minds while on the other hand writing by hand forces to think out our ideas and choose our words more carefully. The main problem with typing are all the distractions that come along with using the computer. As we have the music and use of internet at our fingertips which dramatically change the quality of writing. Another problem that comes along is that the screen also is tiring to look and simply gives a headache after a short while. Along with these drawbacks technology has helped us us in many different ways and such is a way as it has made writing more easier for us. There are many different word processor software’s which not only help us in writing more faster than handwriting but also helps in making corrections and editing in our essays. Another big advantage of typing is that the writer is not distracted by any grammatical mistakes because they are fixed automatically by the word processor. Also we can move lines and paragraphs which is not possible while writing on a page. There are many other drawbacks too as the word processor software is not perfect which means that our mistakes are missed and overlooked by us assuming that it must have been corrected. While on the other hand writing by hand means that no one is going to remind our mistake so we have to write in a more careful and comprehensive manner which helps us not to do that mistake again. Due to this technology we are just using more informal tone in writing as mostly we are having chat with our friends so it really become a great issue now a days because we felt difficulty in using a more formal tone.

Thanks for reading please do post your comments and arguments
Basit Ali
Lahore School Of Economics


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