Life: A School, A Mission by Yasir Ashraf Bajwa

Sometimes you can read something or have a life experience that hits you over the head with its brilliance and perfection. A huge mind shift takes place, and your life is forever altered for the better. The important thing is the discovery of the purpose of your life and how you apply it to your life. Once you realize these great truths are out there, it becomes a lifelong challenge to discover more of them.

Life is full of crests and troughs and I believe that if your life goes smooth, there will be no fun in living it. Its not the about the time you have to spend alive on this planet, it’s a school in it’s self. Your age is not just the number of years you have lived; it’s the amount of experience you have gained.

My name is Yasir Bajwa and I am studying Marketing and Media with Marketing as my majors, at Lahore School of Economics. My hobbies are to enjoy life at every step and in every condition. Throughout the past twenty years of my period alive, I have seen quite a lot of variations in my life. I have seen the high times, and the low times, but I prefer the low times because they keep you active in search of the high times and while you are at it, you already learn a lot about life and people.

My most recent goal in life is to make other people’s living better and healthier. I started by searching for a way to make the provision of pure, clean, healthy water to the people of this nation easier as the first step in achieving my goal, as pure water is one of the basic and most important necessities of us humans. With success I have found the answer and have recently started promoting high quality water treatment systems in Pakistan. These systems run on solar or wind power and are designed and manufactured by a Swiss company which is one of the top in the world and is involved in the development of high efficiency water treatment systems and renewable energy solutions. Currently I am targeting large institutions, hospitals, NGOs and the government at all levels, that I can take in partnership to achieve my goal.

We all have been born with a mission to attain in life. I made mine to make this world or at least our own nation a better place to live in, a place where every one greets each other with a smile on their faces instead of attitude in their eyes, which unfortunately is the latest trend. I don’t think it is as difficult as we have made it.


12 thoughts on “Life: A School, A Mission by Yasir Ashraf Bajwa

  1. I completely agree with Mr Hathaum Noor, finding your place in this world or your purpose in life is definitely very challenging. Your aim is very bold and inspiring. Best of luck!

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