Patience: The Key to Success by Ujala Sabir

Patience1We all have heard hard work, positive mind set and dedication are the key to success. Have we ever tried to go a bit into the detail to find out what force is binding all these together? We ignore the artist behind the picture, we don’t know the people who made a super hit movie possible, and we don’t know the photographer who took a model’s picture which made her famous. In the similar way, we apparently know the tools to success but we fail to recognize and follow that one thing that underlies these tools. Yes, I am talking about patience.

Take a very vivid example of third world countries and developed countries. When I leave for my university, I see people breaking the traffic rules, I see people fighting, I see people losing their temper while just driving a car, I see people honking for merely no reason and I see people making their way whilst blocking others. And then when I visited the United States I saw the exact opposite. The psychology of those people was totally different from us. They blame themselves and not the traffic signals or the traffic jams if they were getting late. I noticed people standing in queues waiting for their turn at the passport control counter at the Dubai airport. But then I noticed people trying to jump over each other at the Lahore airport. I observed the Japanese apologizing for the mistakes they did not commit but at the same time I remember watching two Pakistani men fighting over a minute matter just because they refused to accept their mistake and lost temper. I don’t need to think twice when someone asks me about the weakness of a country like Pakistan. The only answer that automatically clicks into my mind is that “we lack patience”. And yes that is absolutely true. People here fast forward a movie just because they are too curios to know the end. That is not how life is supposed to be! We are a scientist and our life is a combination of experiments. We need to observe and analyze the results of each experiment so that we can improve the following experiments. We need to be patient and we need to wait for the results. We can’t just run through the experiment expecting it to yield optimum results.

Patience is the key to success in life. When you are patient you will write out your goals and aspirations. You will plan what you are trying to achieve and by what date.  People who lack patience will jump into decisions without first checking whether it is the right one for them. They rush about expending valuable energy and wasting time chasing dreams. They make everything so much harder because without a definite plan to follow you are wasting your time. 

People who lack patience don’t believe in planning. They are in too much of a hurry to get to the “real” work and see results. Unfortunately they don’t realize that by putting a plan in place, your entire body and soul will use its energy force to achieve that particular goal. Your brain is no longer wasting time or energy working out what it is that you want to achieve but now focuses completely on how you will achieve it. This is the huge difference between those who are successful and those who are busy but don’t achieve anything.

If you don’t know your destination how can you spot opportunities when they happen. People say that successful people are lucky. Perhaps the truth is that they make themselves lucky as they know what they want and so recognizes the chances being offered to achieve it. Patience and focus goes hand in hand. If you are patient you will put in the research and the twelve hour working days before you start to reap the rewards. If you lack patience you will head straight to collect rewards as soon as you see a glimmer of success. The successful person will build his life with strong foundations to withstand any storm that life throws at it. The person who was in a rush has foundations built in sand and everyone knows how secure they are.

Never underestimate the power of having all your energy focused on the same goals and aspirations. Don’t waste this precious power in trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Speed is important, but accuracy even more. There is no point in doing a job unless you d it properly. You can achieve all you want from this life. All it takes a littel patience and some perseverance.


13 thoughts on “Patience: The Key to Success by Ujala Sabir

  1. A splendid effort! Brilliantly portrayed patience with true examples… This article is indeed motivating and compelled me to think about importance of patience in life and how it lightens the ways. Haste makes waste.. well explained in perfect words. (Y) Looking forward for more such motivating articles..

  2. Indeed we often talk about “keys” to success but it really is patience that makes it all the more worth it. And efforts truly are rewarded. “Perseverance commands success.”
    Well done!

  3. Very well written indeed. This articles shadows light on one of the most important issues which are not given much importance especially in Pakistan. Lack of patience really pose threat not to one own’s self but pose threat to a society. In further articles it would be appreciated if you discuss remedies, that is, how to increase our level of patience and also that how lack of patience can affect our health.

  4. yeah speed doesnt matter .. focus shud b more on VELOCITY (DIRECTION) :pp.. more precisely
    albeit all of us lack it yet success is undoubtedly handed over to those who wait fr the rite time to gear up .. its all connected …
    gr8 article .. a must read … (Y)

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