The Soothing Fortune by Laraeb Zulfiqar

When you have so much to let out and so much you want to share and you have all these people you can open up to… But you don’t know what to say. Or who to say it to. Or how to say it without feeling like a victim. When you realize that growing up, you never really had and true friends and you trusted all the wrong people and looked up to them and now, part of the misery you are in is because of those people? Nah, this simply isn’t the case.
When you just want all the bad things in life to stop because you’re tired of fighting, tired of waiting for that day when everything will be better. When all you want is to have that one person around whom you know will give you exactly the answers you want to hear and make you feel better.
When you don’t want to talk about plans or substitute plans, when you prefer going with the flow, you
find that the universe doesn’t want bad things to happen to you. Life is one big stage like everyone says and nothing is meaningless.
I always felt funny when I saw the traps Tom and Jerry set for each other, one action leading to another to another to another… but now I know. This is how the world works: like clockwork. The flap of a butterfly’s wing in one part of the world may cause a hurricane in another. I am a believer.
All events in your life are not happy. They’re dramatic. You can’t blame nature for that one time you got stuck in a traffic jam and had to pee real bad. It turned out to be memorable didn’t it? You travelled to another city hoping for a very warm welcome but what you had to face was merely a shameful act of selfishness and extreme ignorance.
Whenever you get depressed in your life and everything is just a different shade of gray, consider this: you’re the lead in a movie and there are a million people watching you. Now, you want your story to be a hit, don’t you? The troubles you have, small ones or devastating, they’re just a part of it. One part. You get to live the happy scenes too. Let the misery come at you. Shout, “Bring it on!” because everyone who is watching your movie wants a happy ending, and so you’ll get one.


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