The Value of Young People’s Magazines by Amna Abid

As the fast pace of the modern world makes life more difficult and complex, the generation affected the most is the youth of today. Under such circumstances, it becomes important for them to have a medium through which they can vent their frustrations and reach out to the public at large. Young people’s magazines serve this need best as they have made the fulfillment of this very need their primary aim. 

Young people’s magazines provide the youth of today with a platform to come forth and discuss issues, which are important to them. The possibility of making this happen through youth magazines has also brought many taboos into the limelight and raised an alarm in the society concerning the welfare of children. An example of this is seen in the collaboration of US magazine with ‘Aangan’- an organization that works for creating awareness about child abuse in the society and helps victims of this heinous act by giving the free advice and psychological treatment. The editors of US have devoted a section of the magazine to this cause with articles and letters being printed every alternative week.

Similarly, such magazines also allow the youth to talk about the current political scenario of the country and the world, discuss issues through articles or letters of by taking part in various polls that the editors of these magazines carry out. What these magazines also do is to help develop a better link between the world, the leaders and the youth by printing interviews of famous personalities giving them a chance to connect better with the future generation.

In addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, these magazines also help to choose career paths by interviewing people belonging to different fields, updating students about college admissions, as well as college life. A leading example of such magazine is the ‘Students Blog’. This magazine not only covers college and universities events but also gives its readers a timeline of college admissions.

Such magazines also promote the talent of the youth by printing articles or stories written by them. Many magazines like the ‘Young World’ also encourage the youth by publishing the achievements of young people in various fields and bringing their successes hard work in the limelight.

Youth magazines also give importance to fashion, humor, and art, attracting the interests of young people and helping them to develop an interest in reading. Students themselves run many magazines such as ‘Smudge’ and this allows students to become active journalists explore their interests as well as take part in extracurricular activities.

Magazines like ‘Smudge’, ‘US’ and ‘Students Blog’ have been successful in providing the youth with a platform to make their voices heard by the world. They give importance to the young generation who are always overshadowed by the politicians and economic turmoil in the world. Therefore, the young people’s magazines are just as valuable as the voice of every youth.


58 thoughts on “The Value of Young People’s Magazines by Amna Abid

  1. Well written and very well expressed. There, definitely is an urge for a platform where today’s youth can express themselves. 🙂

  2. the need for a platform, where young minds can express themselves is becoming an extremely vital need of the hour! encouragement of such notions is a great idea!
    brilliant job done with the article!

  3. A very different piece of writing on a very different topic. A very nice way to bring value to young people’s magazine. Its for sure one the most important things around youth as they will learn a lot from it. It will help them generate more and new ideas, enhance their creativity and will definitely help them in their studies. Another masterpiece! Keep up the good work!

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