Branding Pakistan: My View by Syed Hamza Haider

Nations branding have become very popular over the years. it is used to build the reputation of a country. it includes attracting tourism, investing capital and developing cultural and political influence in the world.  many foreign countries like UK,USA, Canada are practising nations branding. the developing countries are taking keen interest to enhance their image to create favourable conditions. Similarly, Pakistan also need to brand themselves. Pakistan is a country where people suffer from psychological setback due to the war on terror.

A country that was formed with a dream to be a place where tolerance and patience would be the hallmark, where prosperity and stability would prevail and where security and self-esteem would be looked after, is now marked with internal conflict , social insecurity and political instability. Pakistan is a big country, and more importantly, it has a market growth way beyond the current potential of most developed countries. As the West is experiencing a slowdown in growth, Pakistan represents a great opportunity for companies that are trying to meet ambitious growth targets.

To brand PakistanM.Ali Jinnah, we need to introduce the world to the Quaid-e-Azam. The world knows about and cannot forget Mr Gandhi, and to this day India benefits from his efforts on the global stage. Sadly, Mr Jinnah is relatively unknown. Yet, most nations are associated with a founder, who even today continue to capture the hearts and imagination of people around the world.

Pakistan is among the least racist countries in the world. Pakistan has been blessed with  scenic beauties, and very few countries can boast the number of high peaks and glaciers we possess. Even in terms of wildlife we have some great specimens. These animals should be cared for and protected instead of being left as prey for hunters, both local and foreign. Pakistan has the potential to develop its tourist industry. The issues that need to be overcome are security and a lack of interest in developing and protecting our natural beauty spot. Pakistan has a diverse culture, people and landscapes. the country attraction range from the ruins of civilizations to hill stations. Pakistan is a rich country with natural resources and four seasons over the year. Pakistan started a “Visit Pakistan” campaign in accordance to nations branding. Malaysia and India have already implemented this strategy by names of  “Malaysia truly Asia” and “Incredible India“. malesiyasuper   The following are essential for Branding Pakistan:

  • Political Stability
  • Economic Stability
  • Peace in the country

It is essential to portray the positive image of Pakistan, for this purpose the team should be there of excellent marketers, investors and organizers. and surely Pakistan don’t lack in talent. the youth of  Pakistan is motivated and they can be made into use. surely the results won’t come overnight but it would help Pakistan prosper in the future. hence, branding Pakistan is essential for a better Pakistan.

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36 thoughts on “Branding Pakistan: My View by Syed Hamza Haider

  1. Hamza very well presented the basic issues of PAKISTAN.. And we do need to promote Brand PAKISTAN in world by positive and aggressive marketing because we are far away from other countries in promote our country. We have best resources, sources and can provide best services to the visitors by our rich and colourful culture.
    Hope your words must be heard and officials must act on your humble opinion and advice

    Best of Luck Hamza

  2. Well done hamza and hope people see the real beautiful pakistan not the one which is portrait badly..may Allah Pak bless our country Ameen

  3. Nice article, it is good to have Brand Pakistan, at international level. Because we are suffering worldwide due to war on terror.good job.
    I wish you luck Hamza

  4. The article is well explained. people don’t know what nation branding is and how can a country benefit from it. Surely Pakistan can excel by adopting this strategy. World would come to know of a very different perspective of Pakistan, hence improving Pakistan’s image.

  5. Pakistan is a country that needs to improve its image. I think the concept of Branding Pakistan is the best way. The article is well written and explains us what Branding Pakistan really is. The examples of”Incredible India” and “Malaysia truly Asia” are very good and develops a good perspective in a person’s mind. I agree with the writer and respect his views.

  6. It is an eloquent writing. Explains the pivotal issues impeding Pakistan’s emergence as a peaceful and prosperous state. Dearth of Sir jinnah’s depiction as a National leader and a saviour is well explained and analogy with Gandhi is attempted efficiently. Beside this article being an articulate explanation of the predicament that confronts contemporary Pakistan in a lucid manner, it also knocks our conscience for civic responsibility. With some minor exceptions, an excellent effort Hamza. May Allah pull us out of this morass.

  7. Contrary to the standard blame game that this nation is becoming accustomed, here is a solution that few could have thought of…quite an insight bro…

  8. Great job! It is simply an eye opener for all the cliche people out there! You have given people a perspective for future! Nations branding is an essential need in these dire straits of pakistan!

  9. This can definitely turn into a massive movement! Largely the approach required these days! It can bring revolutionary changes! Its given me much better understanding of nations branding. Much awareness!!! Keep it up!

  10. What could have given people better understanding and much awareness? The kind of crucial circumstances pakistan is going through and considering how devouring it is, you have given people a vision! Nations branding can be a game changer!

  11. No one has yet made any attempt to bring forth such a resourceful subject! We should take it up as a strategy to create a vividly peaceful image of Pakistan! You have discussed all the blessings of pakistan…these things are an asset!.this serves as a reminder also!

  12. A well written article and certainly a very effective way of improving the image of Pakistan. It’s a relatively new idea and can earn our country a better reputation.

  13. Nations branding can prove to be very useful if we adopt this technique! We should not stay behind other countries who are already endorsing themselves! Nations branding is a must!

  14. It certainly warms the heart to be reminded that we belong to a nation that has witnessed a glorious past. And it is true, unfortunately, that our founding father, Quaid e Aazm, is still either unknown to the world or anyone hasnt reckognised his abilities and his intellect. Amidst all this, Nation Branding is an innovative idea- rather a thoughtful one- to promote a positive image of Pakistan to the world. It can turn into a massive project, if once initiated with proper, careful steps. This article gave an insight of what we ought to do or what steps our organisations or government shoud take. Good job!

  15. It is very well presented. And not only have you identified the problems but have provided very viable solutions for the problem. Keep up the good work.

  16. Fine piece of writing. Not only does it focus on the problems, but it also gives the solution.
    Pakistan truly masti-staan :p

  17. Pakistan have a deteriorating situation in world. And it’s becoming negative day by day. The technique to brand Pakistan in this article is remarkable. In this way Pakistan would benefit and prosper as foreign investors would be attracted. People really don’t know what nations branding is and how can Pakistan brand itself, this was very well explained in this article. Is this article of branding Pakistan is implemented, surely Pakistans image would improve. The views of writer are remarkable and represents unique ideas.

  18. A very rare method to improve Pakistans image is introduced by the author. If Malaysia and India are branding itself then surely Pakistan can brand itself too. Sadly, yes Pakistan is known as a terrorist country but if officials launch a campaign to brand itself then surely Pakistan would get economical stability which would lead to a bright future of Pakistan.

  19. Excellent work! And this is something we can do ourselves. The interactions we have with people of different countries through different social networks can be used to increase pakistan’s status and promote a positive image of Pakistan.

  20. A very good vision of the author indeed. this can prove to be an outclass achievement. Surely the effort made my the author to raise the issue is splendid. We can enhance Pakistan by adopting Nations Branding. In my view this is the only way left. And I strongly agree with writers vision to the problem.

  21. Pakistan have suffered a lot due to the war on terror. They have lost its image in the world and people have some serious reservations regarding the country. The author emphasis on Nations Branding is a good effort to bring back the real image of Pakistan that it had lost. It would promote tourism and Pakistan would excel. Strong solution to the problem is suggested by the author which makes the article one of its own kind!!

  22. Good going Hamza. Its nice how you’ve compared Pakistan to the rest of the countries like India and Malaysia. Also, i’m hoping that people will agree to the parts where you’ve mentioned about “visit Pakistan” campaign. At least I do. (Y)

  23. This is the change the people want, this is the change that Pakistan’s youth is coming up with. Our youth today think of their country, they want to make it a better place to live. The writer has come up with a brilliant idea of promoting Pakistan by Pakistan Branding! Its remarkable. Well Done!!

  24. This is the best solution so far for the issue. It just need to be implemented properly. I acknowledge the writer for coming up with such an effective way to improve Pakistans image!

  25. A very well work presented by the author. We are unaware of the fact that by following nations branding we can aid to the loss we have faced in the war on terror. It can act as a bridge to fill the gaps. Amazing idea by the author

  26. I must say the idea presented here by the writer is the very best. Not much funding is required and youth can promote it through social media. The cheapest way to earn our pride back. Great thinking Hamza !!

  27. Amazing views of the writer regarding branding Pakistan. its a great thought to implement nations branding to enhance Pakistan’s impression among the foreign countries. Brilliant idea Hamza !!

  28. War on terror have proved to be a disaster and Pakistan is the most affected after Afghanistan. Pakistan have compromised everything for its sake. Now its time to get every thing back and Nations Branding is our roadmap!!

  29. Its sad but true but our father of the nation is unknown to the world. We have to know and tell our country’s history and how this man was able to fight and win a separate country from the opposition. History and cultural heritage is the one that is known of a country. Very right point is pointed out by the author!

  30. A tremendous effort from the writer. This shows that youth of the nation is capable enogh to come up with brilliant ideas and can be implemented. They just need proper guidanve and then they can serve the country!!

  31. A very nice article and writer have made his point clear. This is a great achievement to present the thoughts in a way which is understandable to others. The views of the author are extraordinary. Good job author!!

  32. We are an unfortunate nation who have never promoted our Country nor our father of the Nation. But its never too late. We can still make miracles happen. This is an amazing strategy expressed by the author

  33. The article creates an urge to visit Pakistan which is commendable. I appreciate writers efforts to promote his country. I also admire his thinking for a better Pakistan. After reading this i came to know that Nations Branding is also possible.

  34. If other countries can follow nations branding then why not us. We have a deteriorating situation in the country and its the best and the cheapest way to improve Pakistan’s image through nations branding. A very useful idea by the writer, well done!

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