Branding Pakistan: A blessing in disguise by Syed Ali Farhan Shah

Pakistan is a country that gained independence with the sole intention of keeping peace, stability and tolerance. However after looking at the prevailing situation, one could only mark it as a country where self esteem, no longer exists. Internal conflicts and political instability have taken over. It is considered to be an imbalanced society by the enemies of this country.. Even though the war on terror has portrayed a bad image of Pakistan but sill all it holds a very sound position in the world, All this is possible of the natural resources and the geographical beauty that the country posses. Today Pakistan has the largest salt mines and second largest coal reserves in the world. Along with this it has the third largest gas reserves and it is the fourth largest cotton producer. Our country has the fifth largest gold and copper reserves. A country with these kinds of natural resources cannot be ignored. Northern Pakistan provide with beautiful geographical sites attracting the tourist industry. Areas such as Malam jaba, Kashmir and Neelum valley. Monal in Islamabad is reported as one of the most wonderful site in the world.

Pakistani people are considered to be the most hospitable people in the world. They prove to be better hosts than better guests. The Sikhs that visit Nanka Sahib are greatly obliged by the behavior of the local residents. Residence is given to them along with food and most of all love is given.The moment locals see a Sikh, they warmly greet him  and go out of the way to acquire about his health. They provide them with every facility they acquire. Shopkeepers even feel embarrassed taking money from Sikh customers. Pakistanis are loved by other for their hospitality.


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