Scenic beauty of Pakistan By Basit Ali

Branding Pakistan

People buy brands not products and this is a fact acknowledged by many researchers around the world. We need to develop our brand called Pakistan. Every country is known for its characteristics and so is Pakistan known for its endless geographical features. It is a country blessed with countless resources and four seasons are one of these biggest blessed resources. Scenic beauty of Pakistan itself is enthralling and eye catching. It is the seventh nuclear power in the world and first among the muslim countries. The four provinces of Pakistan with their special features make it more attractable to the tourists. Talking about the mesmerizing beauty of swat valley is the key feature for attracting tourists. Swat is holiday makers delight. Its lush green valleys, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, gushing ice cold waters of river Swat and fruit laden orchards with flower-filled slopes addingimmense beauty to this ancient land. Swat is also known as Switzerland of Pakistan. It is a valley and district in north west frontier province of Pakistan. The real beauty of swat can be seen in its upper valleys such as madyam, miandam and shangla. The latest development is the ski resort of Malam Jabba, some 39 kilometers from Mingora. Swat and surrounding areas provide comfortable rest houses for local and forein tourists who abound the area in summers. The main town of the valley is Saidu Sharief. Kalam, is the most beautiful part of the Swat valley. The land of water falls, lakes, pastures, site of hiking and glaciers, having all the latest facilities of the modern age. Surrounded by lush green mountains, covered with forests and vegetation, a diverse and oldest cultural values to witness and above all the friendly and hospitable people. strawberries are found every where in the forests of Kalam. Pakistan is blessed with numerous bounties buy Allah which should be exploited by Pakistanis to promote tourism.


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