Branding Pakistan by Mofeez Sheikh

The concept of branding a nation revolves around building and portraying a positive image of a country or nation to the entire global civilization. Why necessary to ‘brand’ a country ? In today’s modern era of technology and extreme competitiveness on the global scenario , in terms of trade, business opportunities and tourism, it is essential for every nation to identify what is it made of and how it needs to inform the world about its positive aspects , with the help of technology.


A high altitude gem mining platform.

Narrowing down our discussion to Pakistan in particular, I believe that Pakistan is a blessed nation. Blessed because of it’s beautiful, picturesque locations in the northern areas of Pakistan, carved amidst the majestic mountains ; the lofty plains of the Punjab, that grow enough grain to provide for the majority of the population in the country, the mineral-rich Baluchistan and last but not the least , the industrial hub of the country, Karachi lies in Sindh.


Jheel saif ul mulook

Pakistan needs to focus on strengthening their tourism sector and use it to present a ‘ soft ‘ image of Pakistan globally. We, as a nation are in dire need of an uplift in image on the international front. Investment in developing certain beautiful tourist locations of Pakistan can help us accomplish our task. Development of this sector will automatically boost our country’s struggling economic indicators as well. Setting up smart resorts in the northern areas, introducing desert safaris in the deserts of Balochistan and Sindh, improving roads for travelling to areas that are far to reach but are breathtakingly beautiful, Para gliding, celebrating cultural festivals, promoting our culture through exhibitions of our art facts; these are some basic examples of what we can do.

Being a devout and patriotic Pakistani, I truly hope that the public sector and the private sector play a major role in developing tourism as a proper industry in order to improve our image in the global perspective.


8 thoughts on “Branding Pakistan by Mofeez Sheikh

  1. Well Said, but to achieve what you explained, We need a visionary Leader that can make all this possible and we as children of this great nation have to start becoming loyal to it. It can be all be achieved and Inshallah We as a well educated and informed Generation will help in achieving this goal.

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