Branding Pakistan by Zunaira Naeem


Doesn’t it makes you all go sad and teary when you realize someone that was so close to you has changed? You get all emotional and wonder what just happened here? And that is the same feeling I get when I look at my Country. Pakistan is making all sorts of efforts to hide all those things through which the image of the country is being damaged..Our social media is playing a major role in showcasing the terrorist activities though various media elements. Our media has hyped bad news but that does not mean that nothing good has happened or is happening. The only prevailing fact, which the media works on is that bad news is more newsworthy than good news. We therefore need to change the prevailing image of our country and look for the Positive aspects such as tourism, Pakistan has such immense beauty to offer to tourists from Thar the largest desert to mountain ranges of the 14 highest peaks in Pakistan,the Kaghan Valley which is popular for its lakes, streams and and gorgeous waterfalls.

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We need to promote our country’s culture and cultural events. Festivals like Valentines Day, Basant, New Years will not help any one of us, we need to teach our youth and create awareness about our Pakistani culture. We therefore need to overshadow the negatives and work towards the positives. Our Country should more often take part in positive actives such helping other countries in disasters and emergency situations. This will demonstrate our soft side and will not leave us with the same image of getting aid from all over the countries. All of this can only be achieved if our Government plays an important role and starts to work on issues such as Unemployment, ( which is the major reason for terrorist activities taking place in our Country). Issues of backwardness, ( Education is the most important factor in this). Youth which does not have the awareness or knowledge will not be able to succeed in this World.

Apart from this our Government should keep working on its economic development projects. I’m really not against any political party but  I hate it when people call my generation confused and all I’m trying to say is this, that next time if anyone says that our generation is not cultural and has forgotten their roots please do remember that it’s because we are literally left with no history to witness, no old event to celebrate, summing all this up, we aren’t left with the Pakistan we used to know, anymore so before pointing fingers at others we as a nation should work towards the betterment of our Country.


One thought on “Branding Pakistan by Zunaira Naeem

  1. Pakistan desperately needs tourism and so the media should portray a more positive image of the country.. None of the other countries display their weaknesses on the international platform.. Then why must we?
    Also agree to the fact that celebrating valentines day wont do anything good but nothing wrong with basant or new years i think.. Just sayin.

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