“Branding Pakistan – The Point Of View Of Tourism” By Anosheh Asif


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Travelling is the ultimate relief for many. Concern for money only for those who wish to go on international trips but even those wishing to simply have a little relaxation and leisure time find travelling simply the best idea.

Just for a new experience, just for a change, people even from the lower income class seek to have a few holidays just outside their cities to explore places there and to just ease themselves. Everybody ought to consider the benefits of travelling with friends and family. The amount of relief it gives is just simply unparalleled by any activity in my opinion. Travelling is worth our attention seeing the peaceful merry time it gives us with our loved ones, no?

So when talking about travelling, in my very own opinion, Pakistan itself is an amazing place to roam about. Hence if you’re on a vacation why go abroad when you can make the best of it in Pakistan? Pakistan is not only about politicians fighting, people protesting for the ever increasing inflation, shortage of resources, electricity short fall. In fact, Pakistan is about beauty, aesthetics and an unlimited number of beautiful places. From hottest deserts to the coolest mountain peaks, greenest jungles to rocky roads, this country has it all.

Yes, we do have some flaws but we need to see the other side of the picture too. Pakistan with its diverse cultures, languages, people and landscapes is as attractive as heaven would be. From old civilizations like Taxilla, Mohenjedaro and Harrapa to the old forts and buildings like the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid and what not. I repeat, Pakistan has it all.

We have been blessed with four seasons and seven beautiful rivers. We have four provinces and about six prominent languages are being spoken here. The northern areas of Pakistan have been blessed with some of the highest peaks in the world like the Himalayas or The Mount Everest (second highest peak in the world) for that matter.
The velvet like carpet of greenery and the fresh air that one gets to breathe in the northern areas of Pakistan is truly bliss. The snow covered mountains that one gets to see and to top it all the sports activities one gets to indulge in are as amazing as wondered. Other than that, from shopping to having the richest cuisine, one would never get enough of Pakistan.

Here is a list of places which are a must to be visited in Pakistan:

-Khyber Pass
-Port Fountain
-Lahore fort
-Badshahi Mosque + Faisal Mosque
-The Lahori Food Street
-Pir Suahawa
-Shah Jehan Mosque
– Wagha Border
-kheowra Salt Mine
-Lake Saif Ul Malook


For any further information you can always visit the official tourism website http://www.tourism.gov.pk/ and for any further queries or your feedback please feel free to comment.



69 thoughts on ““Branding Pakistan – The Point Of View Of Tourism” By Anosheh Asif

  1. I commend you for your excellent article about tourism in Pakistan. I think your article is a great motivator. Our tourism is doing great with little resources available to them but article like this help in adding interest within local people to explore our beautiful country Pakistan.

  2. Very well written. It feel great to listen to the standpoint and devotion of our young generation about the country. Great work!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your article. You have clarified the truth that Pakistan is one of the best countries as far as tourism is concerned. But the problem which is not helping our country to promote it’s tourism is only because of two factors. Which are terrorism and extremism. I think if our government tries to ameliorate it’s law and order then Pakistan is a best place for tourism. As Almighty has blessed this country with every valuables as compared to rest of the world. So we I mean youth have to step up to make a better Pakistan in every aspects. Good effort though!

  4. There are so many amazing places to visit in Pakistan especially in the North. Just wish the government would open it up to foreign capital in order build travel resorts may of us would like to visit!

  5. This is truly above and beyond. An excellent article which makes a reader think that despite all the downsides of the situation.. There’s a place where one can go and have a peace of mind.
    An amazing read..
    Well Done!

  6. Couldn’t agree with the writer more. Travelling and sightseeing do rejuvenate the mind and the body. What better place to visit other than areas of our own country where we have never been before.

  7. I totally agree with you, Pakistan itself has all sorts of exotic places to visit. The only problem is that the government is not willing invest in tourism. Nontheless your article is very convincing and one would want to explore the scenic beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan after reading it.

  8. A very interesting article. Next up on my ‘Places to See’ would definitely be one of those you listed.
    And Pakistan lacks nothing when it comes to historic places or scenic beauty. Just wish there could be proper resources and planning to make use of these places and turn them into tourist sites.
    Great job on the article.. Makes us realize how we shouldn’t look elsewhere when it comes to planning familyt trips or vacation spots.

  9. I agree with u Pakistan is a beautiful country and ppl should first explore Pakistan and all its beauty and than think of going abroad for vacations because once u start seeing everything in Pakistan u would want to explore more and more. u wrote a great article.

  10. Exactly, there is a lot to explore within Pakistan and thank god for these agencies opening up and planning small reasonable trips. Wish more people would explore Pakistan!

  11. What Pakistan really needs other than a counter terrorism strategy; is a PR agency.
    All the points you have so well articulated above veer down to these solutions.
    Where counterterrorism is not a days job, hiring top PR experts to strategize and execute an international level PR campaign is very doable and will be extremely effective

  12. Beautiful piece of writing! I would love to read more of your articles. Pakistan for sure is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a small country but is blessed with different breathtaking landscapes.

  13. This article is very informative and well structured. Pakistan is without doubt a beautiful place to visit, well done!

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