Designer Handbag Alert for Women by Amnah Farid


Handbags are quite likely some of the most useful accessory especially for women and they goes in the list of major fashion items around. In this article I am going to share the most classy handbags by famous designers and leading brands. You will find here a bag of every type, for every need, one particular for every occasion and quite a few for every state of mind. Here below is the esoteric cabinet just for you.

I absolutely love the new alarming trend of metal box clutches. They have a very striking appearance with and edge of shimmer which makes them perfect to be paired up with either western outfits or eastern wedding wears. They are a must have item and investment on them is highly justified. If you wish to splurge we have a perfect guide for you right here .You can get these beautiful items of accessory from “Ralph Lauren”. There clutches are engraved with their logo and available in silver, golden and bronze colors ranging from $1100- $2000.

Second down the line is “Kotur” with its unique abstract shape metal clutches. Their gorgeous piece of accessory is available at top line stores of Lahore like Enem, Be smart etc . Another good quality and identifiable brand which is catering to this trend is “oasis” from England . They have a very wide variety of classy vintage style metal bags starting around from $1100.

For our local fashionistas! As good as any are the croc embossed metal clutches spotted at tesoro for less the Rs: 5000, it’s a real keeper.









For your daily casual accessory which is practical yet trendy ,the latest leather bag trend is not to be overlooked. Starting with:

  • Alexander McQueen “

An antique black tote as is the basic need of every lady as a part of her requirements to cater every type of mood. It’s simple and stylish with the super power going well with every season.










  • Yves Saint Laurent

This trendy item shows up in a flexible saffron shade and includes a “Y” shaped buckling at the front. It is excellent for putting some edge to your looks and will absolutely survive for years without any breakup.









  • Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Shoulder Bag

This one comes in black order with extra elegance and style. The PS11 is experiencing level of popularity and most seller item of proenza. This one is a new version of a classic satchel, It has very unique designed with the edges coated with silver gadget.










  • Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Suede Satchel

Another offering by Proenza Schouler Satchels . A convenient , easy to carry strap bag in different styles and available in different color patterns and themes, it will literally fulfill your it every day bag needs and to also make something more statement wise.










  • Alexander Wang Rocco Textured Leather Bag

Alexander wang rocco’s red hot croc embossed bag has nailed them all in catering to practicality and style at the same time. It has also a duffel style which is suitable for working a sports activity and sporty look. It has studded at the bottom which gives it an extra edge of ruggedness yet being classy. A Perfect item for all the collage going and sporty ladies.










  • Mulberry Over-sized Bag

This one is a modern and sophisticated Mulberry design. This magnificent tote can be carried with jeans, printed pants with stylish tops and a silk shirt to direct your personality.













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