Facing the Reality by Zunaira Naeem

I am going to talk about people who are becoming replicas of celebrities and who are getting in this absurd competition with people who they look up to. Might it be a friend or someone who inspires them but rather then accepting the fact that they look up to them, they start to say “she or he is copying me” how hard would it be for you lot to accept the fact that you actually are inspired by someone’s style, personality or might it be anything? Karl Lagerfeld, Elie Saab and all the rest of the designers get “inspired” by something in their life and that is how you see these fashion weeks and their collections because nobody is born with a mind of a genius, we all get inspirations.

The society we live in is becoming so competitive that at times I feel people will just walk over the person who actually made them what they are today. Everyone asks for fashion and life advice but do they actually imply it on themselves? No, because everyone today thinks they are a photographer because they took a few good pictures, a blogger because blogging is in trend, a make-up artist because they can put a liner straight? Gone are the days when people used to give credits or good remarks to those whom they have actually learned a lot from. My only question is why so hate and competition? People who never compete always get ahead, that’s because they focus on themselves not others, it’s because they’re that much contend that they’ll say it up straight who they got inspired from. So how long will it take for you all out there to give credits to those people who have made you who you are? Stop hating, stop criticizing because not only will it affect your mind which I am sure is capable to achieve a lot more then you can imagine. And stop this competition with each other .We all are average people, living a normal life get out of your fantasy world and appreciate if someone younger to you is doing something good, in simple words stop all this before your mind gets rotten by taking out flaws in every single person you know and focus on yourself, because you actually will be surprised to see how much flaws you have within yourself that you need to get rid of.



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