Getting Inspired By Syed Hashim Haider

So your tired from working all day and night? The hectic routine gives you a headache every now and than. You tend to get a break from all the monotonous daily chores but do not know how. Well, everyone gets tired in a long while, and often seeks serenity and a peace of mind. But, mostly we do not how to satisfy this urge and more realistically speaking this need. And, hence we continue with our lives leaving behind this need unsatisfied. Speaking of satisfying needs, just as the body needs food, in the same way the soul needs inspiration, motivation and divinity to survive, to nurture itself.

Kashmir Point
And if we do not feed our soul, it begins to die and wither away slowly. The consequence is directly felt upon us and the way we live our life. Gradually, we become uninterested in the things we do and the routine starts to kill us from the inside. Life tends to become caged and we the prisoners. So there is always a time to break free from this dilemma, when the going gets tough. We can not run away from life, but what we can do is start  again fresh. And the best way for doing that is taking a walk in the park, and realising the beauty of life. Yes, this may sound a simple and meaningless act, but when people start to realise the importance of the little things in life, only than do they understand the deeper meaning that embodies life. Being sensitive to emotions, actions and people makes us feel the connection and revitalises our soul.

Being conscious of the surroundings makes you grow and becoming mature gradually. Although the journey of every person may vary. And this state can only be attained when one feels the intricacies and sensitivities of life.

I usually travel to the hilly or mountaneous ranges of Pakistan such as Kashmir, Mangla to get inspired and renew the zeal in my soul and refresh it for a new beginning. Yes, it is always a new beginning when you come back from travelling to a place. For me, it cleanses my soul and gives me wings to fly even higher. Travelling gives you inspiration to begin anew and to look at life from a wider perspective.

And it is true that every once in a while everyone needs something or someone to get inspired from. The best thing is to start the car, and hit the road because life is an open road, it is the best story ever told.

So live your story by inspiring others, and getting inspired to find the best in yourself…


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