Hospitality of Pakistanis By Danyal Safdar

Germany is associated with automotive, Japan with technology, Indian with diverse culture, so our efforts with branding should portray a good image in the circle of globe.  Pakistani are known for their people especially the hosting of the citizens of Pakistan. Pakistan has something that is more unique than a simple tourist destination as its highlight, what makes it special is something that not many countries have. It’s something that the country should be proud of, for what makes Pakistan special is the hospitality and kind nature of its people. That is something that the people of Pakistan should be immensely proud of. I have been touched by the generosity and the kindness of the people here, the conversations that I have had with complete strangers have been some of the most inspirational conversations that I have ever had. I have been welcomed in to  homes, invited around for cups of tea and been graced with your heart warming hospitality. The people here are brave and are resilient,many have grown up with very little and yet they want to give so much. Pakistanis are loved for their hospitality towards others and a wrong image of Pakistanis being terrorist is portrayed in the world rather they are the most humble people.


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