I am Pakistan by M. Abdullah Jabbar

I am the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. I am the struggle of, the sacrifice of uncountable Muslim who laid their lives for a nation for a country that would give them their individual their sole identity. I am the homeland, the residence of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah.I am the 7th nuclear power of the world and the first one in Muslim world. I am the region with four seasons and the region whom people feel pride in themselves. I am the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. I am the world cup 1992, the twenty twenty world cup of 2011. The country with mixed culture, the people with low esteem, minar-e- Pakistan of Lahore in the remembrance of the Pakistan day. The Shah Faisal mosque of Islamabad, the peaks of Khyber pakhtunkhawa, the tombs of Multan. The folk stories that are memorized by most of the people, the folk dance associated with each and every region. The scenic beauty of northern areas and the peaks that are covered with snow attracts the tourist around the globe. The 1st largest salt mine of the world. I am Pakistan


4 thoughts on “I am Pakistan by M. Abdullah Jabbar

  1. In my point of view this article truly depicts the true image of Pakistan. The writer has indeed mentioned each and every postive aspect from the dream that initiated the struggle for a free country up till now. For advocating the positive image of Pakistan this article is on the top so far

  2. The author has structure the atricle very well, managing to maintain the flow and reader’s interest. It depicts true patriotism and love for our country. Good job!

  3. The structure of this article is really appealing proving that we Pakistani are ahead in every field. The propaganda of portraying negative image of Pakistan can be trashed through articles like these job well done !!

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