Pakistan — Our Country by Amna Abid

There are many places in Pakistan that diverts people’s attention. Pakistan could be branded through tourism and we have many beautiful places all over the country that could be promoted in a positive way. Some of which are as follows:




Deep into the Karakorum wilderness lies the hall of the mountain kings. Described as the most   scenic single spot on the planet, this “throne of the mountain gods” has four eight-thousanders (including K2) in close proximity and an unlimited offering of breathtaking mountain scenery.



2The seat of Hunza valley, this little town is the capital for western tourists in Pakistan. Famous for its apricots, legends of longevity, Hunza water (an alcoholic drink!) and the gigantic Rakaposhi, this place is guaranteed to live in your memories forever.





Nanga Parbat has the most accessible base camp of all 8000ers and in decent weather can be reached in a single day. The approach itself is an adventure and includes the most exhilarating jeep ride imaginable. The beautiful Fairy Meadows are located close to the base camp with splendid views of the mighty peak, soaring high above everything around.




The cultural capital of Pakistan, this is a city with a non-stop buzz. Once the capital of the Mughal Empire, sites of historical significance are found here in abundance, with Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque two of the grandest. The old city, Sufi night, Food Street and the eloquent flag lowering ceremony on the Indian border are some of the many charms available.




Shandur Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit and is the site of the highest polo ground in the world. Each summer this desolate wilderness holds a huge mountain party called the Shandur polo festival. Teams from Chitral and Gilgit come face to face in a raw, freestyle. The pass is mostly uninhabited and crossing its snow-covered slopes in winters is an extremely challenging high adventure.



Whether a country’s brand creates economic opportunity though investment and tourism, it is an asset that should be managed and measured. A nation is branded based on availability and lack of natural and human resources. These resources are usually called strengths an they can be positive in nature. In times of economic uncertainty, a country’s brand is an asset that can unite government and business alike to encourage travel and tourism.

It is important for us to be aware of our weaknesses and the threats, but even more important to channel our strengths towards seizing the opportunities. There needs to be collaboration of purpose amongst the higher ups in a country both from the government and the private sector.







61 thoughts on “Pakistan — Our Country by Amna Abid

  1. The writer successfully reminded me yet again of why I should be proud to be a Pakistani. Thank you Amna for restoring my faith and the faith of many others’, in my country’s assets

  2. The article gave me some more information about our beautiful country and the scenic beauty it has. Keep it up!

  3. love how you’ve highlighted such a beautiful side of our country in this article! very well written. good job!

  4. ‘It is important for us to be aware of our weaknesses and the threats, but even more important to channel our strengths’

    I strongly agree with this point of yours. Pakistan is being neglected. True. But Its high time we start focusing on our strong factors. And taking pride in our culture is one of them without a doubt.

    Good one, Amna 🙂

  5. A very well written yet motivating article. The true image of Pakistan has been portrayed here. Its about time that the world know about these attractions. These are just a few of many wonderful exotic tourist attractions of Pakistan. Its a shame that the people of Pakistan visit other countries rather than exploring OUR own country. I think you should write more on the different tourist attractions of our beloved country and create awareness amongst people. Excellent work!

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