The Confused Nation By Aizaz Tariq Butt


You may have heard the terms like “ABCD” and “BBCD” which refer to American born confused desi and british born confused desi.These terms are for people who were born in the states or Britain and are westernized but with desi looks, but what about our Pakistan born westernized boys and girls who are known as the burger generation of Pakistan.

I bet that they are the most confusing young brats anywhere around the world. Pakistanis are born muslim,raised as a Muslim and the society wants them to be that way but what about all the Hollywood and bollywood content that is being shoved in our minds everyday that has to get out somewhere right?The Hollywood and bollywood culture blends in our minds even before we know it. Western culture allows dating because it’s how they find love or the “right one” so they are not in any hurry to get married because obviously they can date until then; but what about our poor fellow Muslim brothers and sisters? Our religion doesn’t allow dating but it tells us to marry early at a young age and our culture doesn’t allow us to get married early because in Pakistan we follow the Indian culture not the Islamic culture,so what exactly Pakistani culture wants is to let people die of frustration. That would be maybe funny to you but not to someone who is watching Hollywood content all the time and couldn’t date or get married because his parents doesn’t want him to date or get married until he is settled.Pakistani-Celebrities-600x585

Well this is not the only problem, the confused set of mind can be seen when someone in ‘ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN’ is celebrating Halloween and Holi both, but still I don’t blame them, this is very much normal when our own cultural festivals like Basant are banned by the Government itself for being “unsafe”.How ironic is that when we hear that the world knows Pakistan as a terrorist nation or a nation who funds terrorists when in real we are so global that we openly accept all cultures of the world and i am sure Pakistan has more International food chains in its territory than India because in real Pakistanis are open to new things than any other nation in the world.




4 thoughts on “The Confused Nation By Aizaz Tariq Butt

  1. I have been wanting to write a short book that circles around this theme. This is a paradox that no one has yet explored in writing.

  2. Well done Aizaz Tariq! Brother you have done a great job but some conclusion should be mention into it. so, that the people would know how to get rid of this problem as its being the biggest inferiority complex among the people.

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