Why I should love Pakistan By Khanzada Daniyal

We often have to justify our needs, requirements, demands etc. but we are hardly ready to be questioned about our reason to love. It is the emotion which runs through the veins with the blood.

Fields of Hockey, Cricket, Squash, Snooker and Chess are witnesses to the capabilities of people in this land; a leader of unmatched caliber in the region or perhaps the world; the land of roaring rivers, exotic valleys and beautiful deserts. The land opened its arms for all races and religions. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. the message of love for humanity is the crux of all these religions and my land aborbed all this love. The land which produced literature depicting love, classic masterpieces of Waris Shah, Bhitai, Rehman Baba, Sachal Sarmast etc.

Planet Earth (Video Link).

Kalam is the main town of Swat Kohistan. Kalam is inhabited by Kohistanis having their own language and customs. Beautiful valleys of Ushu (2286 m), Utrot (2225 m) and Gabral (2550 m) are accessible from here through thick pine forests. The rivers offer good chances for trout fishing.



Mahodand Lake, Kalam.

Mahodand Lake, Kalam.








Pakistan is a land of diversity and has been blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and awe-inspiring outdoor areas. From the unspoilt golden beaches of the Makran Coast, across the desolate deserts of Baluchistan and Sindh and through the fertile plains of the Punjab onto the mighty snow capped peaks of the Karakorams, Pakistan is a land of many lands. The vast contrasts in the landscape are matched only by the diverse cultures of all the people who have chosen to settle here: at the crossroads of Asia. Pakistan’s vast deserts and plains, and its rugged hills and towering mountains, have conspired with the legacies of the region’s rich past to provide a fascinating land in which to travel. On one hand is the brutally stark yet splendid isolation of the Northern Areas and of Baluchistan wild deserts while on the other is a remarkably sophisticated and complex cultural heritage which provides Pakistan with the right to claim to have been a veritable cradle of ancient civilization.

Attraction1 182





Lake Saiful Muluk has a touch of the unreal about it, nestling 3,200 metres high in the shadow of the Malika Parbat (Queen of the mountains) 5,291 metres high. You can go boating on the lake and hear the local legend about Prince Saiful Muluk who fell in love with a fairy. Further up are quaint woodland villages; Battakundi, Burawai, Besal Gittidas and Lalazar.

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Saif Ul Muluk

Saif Ul Muluk

Saif Ul Muluk








The Shigar Fort is an old fort of Pakistan and Baltistan located in the town of Shigar. It was built in 17th century by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar. The fort has been restored by Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan (AKCSP-P), the Pakistan arm of the Aga Khan Historic Cities Program. After restoration, the Fort was converted to a museum and luxury hotel managed by Serena Hotels.

Shigar Fort 1

Shigar Fort 1

Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort




42 thoughts on “Why I should love Pakistan By Khanzada Daniyal

  1. This article is a great medium to narrate our Youth, the eye-catching views and heartwarming scenes that can only be found in Our Pakistan…. A thoroughgoing research. (Y)

  2. The article gives the reader a true sense of chauvinism. It highlights the brighter side of the country which makes it an apt place to live in.

  3. The article makes the reader patriotic and forces him to think of what good it offers to us. Very well written! Its time to share the attractions of Pakistan! Keep up the good work Daniyal!

  4. Pakistan is no doubt a part of Heaven on earth, you did a great job showing people the real face of our country and its natives, Nature being at its best.. great work Khanzada , excellent work!

  5. An another beautifully written piece of article.It provides information on some really attractive and beautiful places that can be visited.I myself didnt knew about these places and I’am glad you wrote and created awareness amongst our generation.
    Well done:)

  6. The chaotic times that we are seemingly going through, are less depressing when one thinks about everything that we have been blessed with. In very simple terms, this article tells us that we still have a lot to offer in terms of goodness and nobility – At least this is how I relate to it.
    Well done.

  7. You have written an excellent article that should raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject was your own hard-won experience in the matter. Nevertheless, you must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research. I admire you. I guess this means we will be seeing more of you in the print media from now on. I say more power to you!

  8. the real beauty of Pakistan has been portrayed in this article and although i have not visited these places by myself but i would like to visit them in the near future .
    excellent work khanzada

  9. good article..
    this country has real beauty in it..but the sad part is most of the countries elite class doesnt even go n explore the country and rather go to foreign countries and talk about their beauty whereas our beloved country is 1 of the most beautiful places in the world..more articles like these should be written so as to tell people about the beauty and to explore our own country more..good article!!

  10. A thought provoking and an enlightening view on things especially under the current circumstances that the country is facing this invites an optimistic take which may even change the views of the most pessimistic of people.

  11. Nicely written! I think its very important to share such attractions of our beloved country, when the outside world think otherwise. These are just a few of the many attractions of our beautiful country. You should write more often about such places of Pakistan. It is a great step forward. Looking forward to many more articles from you.

  12. Beautifully written. This piece of work shows the real side of Pakistan, free from all terrorism dirt we are stuck in.

  13. An extraordinary literature describing the diversity of landscapes in Pakistan. Truly a patriotic’s view regarding his land.I hope that it would be helpful in promoting tourism in the country.

  14. great article! shows how much u love ur country.. the realities of pakistan are showed in this article.. what a wonderful country we are blessed with..

  15. Beautifully constructed article. A few of many amazing places of Pakistan that still needs to be explored further by the tourist and our locals. Instead of visiting foreign countries, locals should first explore their country and cherish the beauty of our beloved country. Tourism is the next big thing in creating a brand image. Job well done. Many more articles should be written on tourism in Pakistan to promote and help our country establish a peaceful and a good image globally. Looking forward to many more articles from you.

  16. The article is very well written which shows your love for the country. You should write more so that people can get to know that what a beautiful country Pakistan is!

  17. You are undoubtedly a true patriot and an explicit definition of a proud Pakistani! We need people like you who, instead of bashing the country for its ill being, paint a vivid picture of what truly lies with in. Its people like you who rekindle the flame of hope. The hope that we can still rise from the lies and deception painted to the world about us, pakistanis.

    A very well crafted article!

  18. Coming from the heart of a true nationalist, our country indeed holds some spectacles in its belly, this would not only help us and the outsiders discover more about Pakistan but also entice us to think about the fact that we owe so much to our homeland that has so much to offer us! The places have been strung well together too. 🙂

  19. Absolutely agree with the fact that tourism does not not only brand our nation but also creates a significant impact on out country. As tourism is one of the important element that could help promote our country worldwide so we as an individual should also highlight the brighter side of our country and help people explore the beauty of pakistan. very well composed article ! 🙂

  20. Well written article about the great land of Pakistan which explains us that behind such a great name there are many beautiful places to visit .

  21. Really good work. U have really overlook the negativities which exist in our society and portrayed a positive picture of Pakistan and showed how beautiful it is in reality. After reading ur article i m truly motivated to travel to at least one of the discussed place in the upcoming vacations.

  22. Another piece of great work. Honestly I read it with great interest till the very end. The article was informative and very interesting. I think you should write such articles daily.

  23. It really is a shame, that even after having such exotic places we prefer to spend our vacations abroad and make little attempts in promoting our tourism. A well written and a really informative article. Great work khanzada

  24. the descriptions go well with the pictures. good job! the title could have been why i should visit pakistan as well.

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