Women Entrepreneurship by Danyal Safdar

Despite the fact that it is hard for one to begin a business under all the risks in the time of recession, one should pay more attention at the ultimate goals and benefits that can come from entrepreneurship. Women’s participation is massive in every field of work, but when it comes to entrepreneurship they become reluctant to put their money at stake.  If we observe closely, we can conclude that we are always uncertain of events that are going to happen in future so every decision in life involves risk and so does entrepreneurship. Why do people then are afraid to invest when they have opportunity to? It is quite an interesting paradox! Most of the women would answer that money is the most valuable thing in this world, and so the loss can be higher. But here we cannot negate the reality that the top CEO’s and entrepreneurs were once at the square one but finally they reached their goals, playing with risk at each step.

Being a woman entrepreneur, your lifestyle needs to work in a particular way. The way that suits you best and which can create a balance between your personal and business life. Balance is very important because your personal life is highly affected by your work; therefore, you need to be careful and responsible to avoid disturbance. If you are stuck somewhere in middle of your business and regret starting it then presumably you don’t believe in yourself.  Believing in yourself is essential because it builds up confidence in you. Confidence further helps you in becoming more focused and determined to your work.

Women need to do household chores and they do not find entrepreneurship as a piece of cake. Subsequently, they become frustrated and disappointed in their work and that is why they lose track more often. This is the biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make.  As a businesswoman you are not always supposed to look at your bank account balance but rather you must look at the progress you make each day. Basically, that is your learning and learning is a process, so it helps you in growing as a successful entrepreneur.

Flexibility is another aspect to go well with your track. If you are flexible and can alter your paths according to odd circumstances to reach your goal, you are indeed a good player. Another important way to keep your spirits high is to accomplish your successes either minor or major.  Primarily, if you are an independent person, it is necessary for you to become your own boss and try to start or improve an enterprise.

You should encourage yourself to get as much information and networking as possible. The more resources you will have, the better you can achieve a smart position in the market. Another thing to keep in mind is to never get depressed on your petty mistakes but you should learn from them instead. Mistakes give you experience and experience is the best tool an entrepreneur can have. Increase your experience, target your goal and there you go for great guns.



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