Branding Pakistan by Mashal Khanum

imagesLets talk about the era of change, it’s not like you can’t feel it creeping in already. Old things are passing away and new things are coming into reality and you see this in every face of your life. We all want to change a lot of things that are going on but then again we for some reason are scared to do so. We think that we are independent but the reality is not just that.  we are made to believe that our politicians representing the government are familiar with the problems of Pakistani people but as a matter of fact they are just making money. Here the government is playing an important role.

Firstly, the government should focus on different factors such as Health and Education sectors. Secondly, Our media is not playing its part in ‘improving’ Pakistan’s image. Also, we need to create awareness amongst people by introducing different exchange programs with various countries. We should not forget our culture and traditions. We banned “Basant”, (an event that millions of people used to come from all over the world to see), for people were somehow dying, banned late night weddings because somehow that’s how robberies were happening? We have banned every single thing that gave happiness to the people of this city other than finding solutions for it?

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5 thoughts on “Branding Pakistan by Mashal Khanum

  1. Very true concluding remarks. With these standards one should just die because then all these problems would come to an end. But that is not what we would do, because we need solutions other than complete bans.

  2. Very true! The government should look for propper solutions not just ban whatever doesnt work for them. Banning of youtube is another example.

  3. This is the true picture of what pakistan is all about. We need honest and efficient leaders who can actually work towards the betterment of our beloved nation. Things need to change for us to survive now.

  4. I totally agree!! We should find out solutions for all these problems instead of banning everything and forgetting our culture and values. Also the power of media on our lives is immense so it can definitely play a vital role in creating awareness amongst people regarding all such issues.

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