Search for a Better Politics in Pakistan by Muhammad Saqlain Naseer

imagesOnce politicians were seen with utmost respect and their profession was considered one of the best to serve humanity but now its considered as profession to loot and make money for themselves and that’s how politicians nowadays have made it look like.
Corruption is one of the reason that has earned this profession a bad name. Politicians now a days makes promises and break them in a blink of eye not even thinking for the people. They are there to serve themselves and make money to fill their never ending greed for money and leisure.
Though most of the politicians have no interest in the welfare of people and are hollow from inside, there are politicians that are serving the humanity and gives us a light of hope from the dark corrupt politician culture that has rusted Pakistan.

Importance of Politics
We need politics so that we can discuss issues about the economy, and organize government processes and faculty. Politics help people learn about how the government operates.
Politics is not a product of democracy. It expresses the self-interests of the most powerful, and the rest either sign up to those interests or not: hence the evolution of the majority and minority in government.
The most significant purpose of the politics major is to help educate a reflective and activist citizenry capable of sharing power and responsibility in a contemporary democracy.

Ways to Improve

Pakistani-Political-partiesThe most important thing that public can do is vote as that’s the power in their hands. And vote the less corrupt, think for Pakistan not just for yourself.                                                                                                                                                                              We need to make ourselves better if we want a change in the society because politicians do wrong with what’s in their hand and we do wrong with what’s in our hands. We are no different from them if we give it a thought. Politicians are from the public and so there is a need for a change in the society for them to be better                                                                                                                                                                                          Media is so influential it actually doesn’t just affect politics but it is actually one of the most important controlling factor of it. So media can play an important role in shaping a better political system in Pakistan and a vital role in maintaining it.
There are many solutions but the real challenge is of implementing and taking the first step.


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