This is a blog of Lahore School Of Economics students belonging to Section L who are doing Majors in Marketing and Minors in Media Studies. Dreamers 2016 is created as a symbolic representation to put forward ideas of the graduating batch of 2016. Different idea and topics will be put forward and interaction and communication will be visible on the blog. Students have written articles that help others in their daily lives, the changes that come with passing of time and especially ideas to promote our country Pakistan and the way to brand it. There are many other things available in the blog so you must visit.



The team works their best to put forward a blog that is easily accessible and is informative. For further inquires contact them for assistance.



Dreamers2016 Managament Team


Here are the pictures of an interactive blogging class putting forward their ideas in order to communicate them to other fellow members. This way innovations and idea generation becomes possible.


Participation helps generate new ideas.


An informative lecture helps bloggers think wisely.

Paying attention to blogging lectures.

Paying attention to blogging lectures.


Further explore to find out what dreamers2016 has in store for all of you. Do give it a visit!


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