Resources of Pakistan and its proper Utlization By Saddan Zafar

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, located in South Asia has 650 miles of coastline on the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Pakistan has large range of natural , cultural and human resources . Its dynamic culture and natural scene beauty impresses people from all the corners of the world. Pakistan is also very rich in its natural resources ranging from large amount of coal, gas, gemstones, copper and gold reserves.

Natural Resources .



  • Pakistan recently discovered one low and four low-to-medium quality coal seams in the Punjab.
  • Low sulfur coal was recently reported at the Baluchistan and near Islamabad. Bituminous, sub-bituminous, and lignite coal have been found in Pakistan. Coal reserves are estimated at 175 billion tons.
  • This would equate to 618 billion barrels of crude oil. When compared to oil reserves this is more than twice the amount of the top four countries.
  • If At KSA’s current usage, the reserves would last more than 200 years.
  • Pakistan has large gold/copper ore deposits at Saindak. Other resources include gypsum, limestone, chromites, iron ore, rock salt,silver, precious stones, gems, marbles, tiles, sulfur, fire clay, and silica sand.



  • About 28% of Pakistan’s total land area is under cultivation Pakistan holds one of the largest irrigation systems in the world.
  • The main exports includes wheat , rice sugarcane, maize , sorghum, seeds, barley , fruits and vegetables .
  • The fertile lands of Punjab are ready to feed a population twice that of current Pakistan.




Water :The fishing industry plays a role in the national economy of Pakistan. The coastline is 814km and fishery resources still have room to grow. Fishing in Pakistan is a major source of export earnings. The establishment of gwadar port can further helps to enhance the fishing capacity of Pakistan. Moreover, trade links can be developed to increase trade as Pakistan lies under a strategic location.


Human Resources.

The youth of Pakistan : ImageAlthough the overall situation of Pakistan was not stable, however Pakistani is under few countries who are able to produce students of higher intellectual caliber and have represented Pakistan internationally and on global notes. Few of them includes Arfa karim who is the youngest person to develop software and was called by Microsoft soft (Interviewed by Bill Gates) . Mala Yousuf who has been awarded with global peace award and has been highlighted by the international media.





The forces of Pakistan


PMA Academy Kakul Abbottabad

Pakistan has made keen interest in the development of its forces. Pakistan army is one of the most advanced and refined army in the world , Its Academy (Pakistan Military Academy) lies in Abbottabad where students of young age are trained and are refined into military officers . Due to the very high training standards at PMA, cadets of more than 34 countries come here every year as part of their military training schedules.