Branding Pakistan: Northern Beauty By Sultan Shah

1) Attabad Lake

 Also known as the Hunza Lake, situated in the Hunza Valley was created as a result of the landslides in January 2010. It is one of the biggest artificially created lakes of Pakistan.


2) Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir. The city lies in the North of Pakistan. Apart from the promising sceneries and beautiful valleys, the city is home to two historical forts: the Red Fort (also known as the Chak Fort) and the Black Fort.


People from the South visit Muzaffarabad in summers to escape away from the heat and enjoy the pleasant weather.




3) Lake Saif ul Malook


Lake Saif Ul Malook is quoted as “Heaven on Earth” by the people who visit this magical place. It is located in the Kaghan Valley near the city of Naran. It is known to be one of the highest situated lakes in Pakistan.


Visitors can reach the place by jeeps in summer season, however due to intense snow falls in winters; this place can only be reached through 3-4 hours of trekking.



4) Concordia


One of the  most beautiful place on Earth, Concordia, heart of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. Concordia is home to four of the world’s fourteen ‘Eight-Thousanders’. It is the best place for mountain hikers. The place is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The sight provides breathtaking views of a number of notable peaks of Pakistan, such as the Godwin Austin, Gasherburn I, Broad Peak and others.



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Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation3 (PS3) By Sultan Shah

Xbox 360 Vs PlayStaion (Ps3)

The Playstation 3 has the decided advantage when it comes to hardware. The CPU, memory, and graphical prowess is roughly a wash on both consoles as they are capable of roughly the same computational and graphical rendering abilities. Still, its evident that there are some issues with the PS3 given the graphical slowdowns and frame rate issues present only in the PS3 versions of multiplatform games. All PS3 models offer a Bluray optical drive, HDMI, gigabit Ethernet, and USB 2.0. In most models it also includes built-in Wifi and Bluetooth capability as well. While the hard drives are roughly the same in size to many Xbox 360 models, the PS3 makes it much easier to expand as it doesn’t require proprietary hard drive preloaded with software as the Xbox 360 does. The Xbox 360, while offering HDMI in its current models, only has a standard dual layer DVD optical drive, 10/100 Ethernet

This is where the Xbox 360 really falls apart. The Xbox 360 had a hardware defect where a heat source within the case causes some internal connections to become disrupted. This would cause a famous red ring to appear on the console indicating a specific hardware failure, hence the “Red Ring of Death”. This hardware issue was so bad that Microsoft extended their warranty for just this issue for a full 3 years after purchase. Aside from the Red Ring of  Death issue, both consoles endured issues from drive failures to the console scratching game discs, however these issues were minor even for a typical console release.

Going in more detail


The PS3 has been released in several different versions, with varying amounts of hard disk space. Buyers can now choose between a 160 GB system and a 320 GB system. There are no differences except for the amount of hard disk available.

The Xbox is currently available in four different configurations: the Xbox 360 4GB console, the Xbox 360 4GB, the Xbox 360 250GB console, and the Xbox 360 250GB console , all with or without Kinect. There are no differences except for the amount of hard disk available and whether or not it includes the motion control system Kinect.


The 8th generation consoles, Ps4 and Xbox One were released in 2013.


Processing Power

The Playstation 3’s CPU is a Sony, Toshiba, IBM-designed Cell microprocessor, with one 3.2 GHz PowerPC-based Power Processing Element .

The Xbox 360 uses the triple-core IBM-designed Xenon as its CPU, and has three 3.2 GHz core processors.


The PS3 uses an Nividia Rsx which outputs resolutions from 480i SD up to1080i HD.

The Xbox 360 uses ATI Xenos for its graphics processing, which has 10 MG of eDRAM.


The PS3 has 256 mb of XDR DRAM main memory and 256 mb of GDDR3 video memory.

The Xbox360 has 512 mb of memory.


Accessories for the PS3 include wireless controllers, the Playstation Eye camera, headsets and a motion controller named Playstation Move.

Accessories for the Xbox 360 include a webcam, headsets for chatting, dance mats and Gamercize for exercise, and its motion-control system, Kinect.


The PS3 has a two-year failure rate of 10%.

The Xbox 360 has a two-year failure rate of 23.7%.


The price of the Ps3 in Pakistan is around Rs. 32000 but of course it         varies with model to model .

The price of Xbox 360 in Pakistan is around Rs .31000 nut of course it varies with model to model .



The PS3 connects to the Internet for free through the Playstation Network using the homeowner’s high speed Internet  account. You can play free using the PS3.

The Xbox 360 uses Xbox Live, an online gaming service that is available both free and for a subscription. It allows users to join message boards and access the Marketplace to download purchased or promotional content.


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Console Gaming by Sultan Shah

Gaming has been at its peak for quite a long while now, firstly people did not have much of an option in the gaming world. Neither did they have many games to play nor were viable platforms available. I remember going to arcades  and watching people go crazy over games when computers and gaming consoles were not so widespread . After some years when computers were introduced people shifted to playing games at home, so did I. Although computers were not so advanced at the time people still had something to play at home . Many gaming zones came into being where gamers went to play and compete with other gamers solo or in groups over LAN networks. Finally gaming consoles were introduced in Pakistan , such as PlayStation 1(Ps1) , PlayStation 2(Ps2) and the Xbox etc and later the big guns came such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Ps3).

These advanced gaming machines took gaming to a new level and into a new era of experiencing gaming in HD. They took local gaming to a global platform of gaming where every gamer could compete and play with each other live.

Living in Pakistan

Console gaming in Pakistan is different as there are hacks and mods for consoles which let you buy cheaper games but that also comes with a price which is you cannot go and play online if you get your console modded or hacked or else your console gets caught and its chip is banned and your console is just a plastic box after that , it becomes useless.

PS3 and Xbox360 both have hacks but there is not much of a  variety available of games available for PS3 after you get yours modded . While normally the games are very expensive and unaffordable , the PS3 Bluray discs cost vary from Rs 4000 to Rs 6000  , which is not affordable nor much people would want to spend that kind of money on games . The games are way too expensive considering PS3’s price itself.

While the Xbox 360 has a wide array of games available with its mod , there are loads of games available to play. To mod the Xbox 360 it costs around Rs.3500 its called J-Tag . As Xbox 360 games are on DVD they cost around Rs.100 or so  which is very cheap . While original games cost always as much as of the PS3. On the other hand you can install the XEX menu on it and download games from the internet and play them on your hard drive . You can play free games on the Xbox 360 all you need is a flash drive on a Hard drive to download games on .

That’s why people widely buy Xbox 360 in Pakistan as it’s games are way cheaper and easily available to get and play .

On the other hand Pakistani gamers do not play online compared to gamers in other parts of the world nor we have the resources to do so such as High speed internet or 3G services.

Hence I would prefer and suggest all of you buying Xbox 360 rather than PS3 “IF” you are in Pakistan because its games are cheaper and easily available . Online gaming is not so common that is why I would suggest the Xbox 360 , if you are going for online gaming and have a deep pocket than PS3 is what you should go for .

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Lahore School Of Economics .