Branding Pakistan: My View by Syed Hamza Haider

Nations branding have become very popular over the years. it is used to build the reputation of a country. it includes attracting tourism, investing capital and developing cultural and political influence in the world.  many foreign countries like UK,USA, Canada are practising nations branding. the developing countries are taking keen interest to enhance their image to create favourable conditions. Similarly, Pakistan also need to brand themselves. Pakistan is a country where people suffer from psychological setback due to the war on terror.

A country that was formed with a dream to be a place where tolerance and patience would be the hallmark, where prosperity and stability would prevail and where security and self-esteem would be looked after, is now marked with internal conflict , social insecurity and political instability. Pakistan is a big country, and more importantly, it has a market growth way beyond the current potential of most developed countries. As the West is experiencing a slowdown in growth, Pakistan represents a great opportunity for companies that are trying to meet ambitious growth targets.

To brand PakistanM.Ali Jinnah, we need to introduce the world to the Quaid-e-Azam. The world knows about and cannot forget Mr Gandhi, and to this day India benefits from his efforts on the global stage. Sadly, Mr Jinnah is relatively unknown. Yet, most nations are associated with a founder, who even today continue to capture the hearts and imagination of people around the world.

Pakistan is among the least racist countries in the world. Pakistan has been blessed with  scenic beauties, and very few countries can boast the number of high peaks and glaciers we possess. Even in terms of wildlife we have some great specimens. These animals should be cared for and protected instead of being left as prey for hunters, both local and foreign. Pakistan has the potential to develop its tourist industry. The issues that need to be overcome are security and a lack of interest in developing and protecting our natural beauty spot. Pakistan has a diverse culture, people and landscapes. the country attraction range from the ruins of civilizations to hill stations. Pakistan is a rich country with natural resources and four seasons over the year. Pakistan started a “Visit Pakistan” campaign in accordance to nations branding. Malaysia and India have already implemented this strategy by names of  “Malaysia truly Asia” and “Incredible India“. malesiyasuper   The following are essential for Branding Pakistan:

  • Political Stability
  • Economic Stability
  • Peace in the country

It is essential to portray the positive image of Pakistan, for this purpose the team should be there of excellent marketers, investors and organizers. and surely Pakistan don’t lack in talent. the youth of  Pakistan is motivated and they can be made into use. surely the results won’t come overnight but it would help Pakistan prosper in the future. hence, branding Pakistan is essential for a better Pakistan.

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I Feel No Pain by Syed Hamza Haider

Today I feel no pain, I fear no devil and I fear no hell.

I am a person sitting on a wheelchair and 12 years have passed. 12 years which have been a living hell for me. 12 years which have been a result of an accident that happened which made my life worthless. It’s been seven years since 9/11.


Today I sit on my wheel chair; I look outside and I see a park. I see a park which used to be crowded. Where I could see people chatting, children playing and laughing, birds flying and the cool wind blowing. Those were times filled with joy and laughter. Those were the times when my daughters sat and read books, my son played with his friends, my wife looked after the house singing like a bird and I, I was a proud possessor of a happy and healthy family.……and then 9/11 took place. Everything changed. My life is destroyed. They killed my wife. They took away my son to an unknown place, my innocent daughters were raped in front of me and I could not do anything to save my family. My life is lonely and empty.


Yes , this was after 9/11 when the Americans came to our country Afghanistan and destroyed us completely. When I was younger I abhorred violence, I did not want to waste a second of my time in evil and worthless things, but now  everything has changed. I want to die. In every minute I suffer 60 deaths. My desire for death is so great that I do not fear death anymore.


Today I feel no pain because I have no feelings. Today I fear no devil as I have seen the merciless devil in the eyes of the American soldiers while they bombed hundreds of my fellow countrymen to death. And lastly I fear no hell. Could any other hell be worse than this one. I have none to depend upon. No shoulder to cry on.


Yes ,now  I feel no pain, I fear no devil and I fear no hell.


This is the story of every individual in Afghanistan who has been alive since 9/11. America’s atrocious attack on Afghanistan resulted in hundreds of children being orphaned, many women being widowed. And took away the lives of many innocent people. What was this war based upon? An assumption that Osama bin Laden was hidden SOMEWHERE in Afghanistan? And so bombarded the whole country, destroyed millions of people and started a vicious cycle that led to nothing but destruction.


It is so easy to invade a country. Doesn’t that seem the case after viewing the invasion of America. A merciless invasion that left women raped and assaulted on the assumption that Osama bin Laden must be there somewhere, children being killed on the thought that we might find the world biggest terrorist somewhere, that left many men broken or arrested on the false notion of combating Al-Qaeda!!! Absurd!


All this led to chaos. A chaos which would engulf the world in its inevitable destruction. No one to earn, no one to provide food, poverty, starvation and not only were people killed by arms, the enemy called disease and starvation killed those who were left behind to mourn.


So what people suffer who are left behind. What people suffer who have witnessed the death of their loved ones, what does their psychology suffer from, what do their minds, their hearts say. This is what they say ‘ I feel no pain, I fear no devil and I fear no hell. This is what is said when you have lost everything to tyranny and cruelty. This is what that Afghani man introduced in the beginning would say.


Just imagine a man who had worked all his life, hard for his family, to see his children grow up to be prosperous individuals, imagine what would happen when his dreams are shattered and that to because of someone else’s fault. What did that innocent man have to do with the 9/11 attack. How could the whole Afghanistan be involved in this? Why punish millions for the crime of a single person and without evidence or proof of his location. Revenge will brew inside him like a pot of boiling hot water. What else would a person want rather than killing the forces who have killed his loved ones and inflicting pain on those who have done the same to him. We have made these terrorists ourselves. Our foreign policies have given birth to suicide bombers, men ready to blow up themselves are a product of the tyranny manifested by the so called super powers of the world. Do you expect a person to jump for joy when his family is killed? Do you expect a person to remain dumb and deaf and inactive after he sees his house burning down.


Forgiveness is a sweet word but there is a limit to which a human being can bear something. This vicious cycle of terrorism has begun due to a reason and we cannot lay the blame on anyone else. Afghanis held in Guantanamo bay are a picture and a reflection of the force unleashed by the Americans. What would other Afghanis do after witnessing their loved ones being stripped naked, tortured, made fun of, electrocuted, deprived of sleep.


The world is becoming a difficult place to live in. these are chaotic times. In the words of William butler from his poem ‘the second coming’ Continue reading