News package: Rising prices of Fuel

A newspackage made by Maryam Waheed, Yasir Ashraf Bajwa. Fatema Ahmed, Amna abid, Khanzada Danyal and Ibrahim Munir on the pressing issue of rising prices of fuel in Lahore. It highlights people’s opinion and gives an insight into what people have to say.

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Newspackage: Problems faced in Charrar Pind

Charrar Pind is a squatter settlement area located next to the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore, Pakistan. The village, which currently has no proper sewage system, streetlights or proper access to potable water, was inducted into the DHA fold in a ceremony on December 23. Despite this fact, the residents of DHA and Charrar Pind live a highly contrasting standard of living as no proper developments have taken in the region while the promises made by the MPAs and MNAs have never turned to reality.

Muhammad Abubakar Mourige, Agha Sarmad, Saad Naveed and Ujala Sabir together executed this report to make the people aware of this area and an opportunity for these citizens to voice their concerns:

Problems faced in Charrar Pind from Sarmad Agha on Vimeo.

Branding Pakistan: Northern Beauty By Sultan Shah

1) Attabad Lake

 Also known as the Hunza Lake, situated in the Hunza Valley was created as a result of the landslides in January 2010. It is one of the biggest artificially created lakes of Pakistan.


2) Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir. The city lies in the North of Pakistan. Apart from the promising sceneries and beautiful valleys, the city is home to two historical forts: the Red Fort (also known as the Chak Fort) and the Black Fort.


People from the South visit Muzaffarabad in summers to escape away from the heat and enjoy the pleasant weather.




3) Lake Saif ul Malook


Lake Saif Ul Malook is quoted as “Heaven on Earth” by the people who visit this magical place. It is located in the Kaghan Valley near the city of Naran. It is known to be one of the highest situated lakes in Pakistan.


Visitors can reach the place by jeeps in summer season, however due to intense snow falls in winters; this place can only be reached through 3-4 hours of trekking.



4) Concordia


One of the  most beautiful place on Earth, Concordia, heart of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. Concordia is home to four of the world’s fourteen ‘Eight-Thousanders’. It is the best place for mountain hikers. The place is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The sight provides breathtaking views of a number of notable peaks of Pakistan, such as the Godwin Austin, Gasherburn I, Broad Peak and others.



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Sultan Shah


Lahore School Of Economics .

If Pakistan Was A Person by Eazaz Ali

If Pakistan was a person it would be a he, he would be kind and generous, he would have a true courageous heart, he would be honest but all these qualities wouldn’t make him a sissy or anything they would make him a person that he truly is and not one of those two faced people. He wouldn’t bully be bullied or let anyone else bully others. He may be weak against some but he would have its own way of winning a fight. He would have other friends similar to him, sure he could get a little irritating at some point but he always wants what’s best for him and his friends. Speaking of friends where there are friends there are also enemies but unlike normal enemies his enemies spread rumors about him and like all rumors these are also fake and he doesn’t pay any heed to them. However currently he is sick and that’s why he’s making these poor decisions that are ruining its life but until he can’t cure himself he can’t be the man he was. And though he may currently be under some sort of mind control by its inner conscious which makes him sick and do some very stupid things, I’m sure as I have faith in Pakistan that one day it will stand tall in grace with its other more successful acquaintances. Now just imagine if Pakistan wasn’t a person and would be an actual country, like it is, how great it would be to live in a country like that. I know that I am lucky to be a part of it.

Branding Pakistan by Mashal Khanum

imagesLets talk about the era of change, it’s not like you can’t feel it creeping in already. Old things are passing away and new things are coming into reality and you see this in every face of your life. We all want to change a lot of things that are going on but then again we for some reason are scared to do so. We think that we are independent but the reality is not just that.  we are made to believe that our politicians representing the government are familiar with the problems of Pakistani people but as a matter of fact they are just making money. Here the government is playing an important role.

Firstly, the government should focus on different factors such as Health and Education sectors. Secondly, Our media is not playing its part in ‘improving’ Pakistan’s image. Also, we need to create awareness amongst people by introducing different exchange programs with various countries. We should not forget our culture and traditions. We banned “Basant”, (an event that millions of people used to come from all over the world to see), for people were somehow dying, banned late night weddings because somehow that’s how robberies were happening? We have banned every single thing that gave happiness to the people of this city other than finding solutions for it?

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The Province You Didn’t Know About by Agha Sarmad

Gilgit–Baltistan is an autonomous self-governing region which unconstitutionally is often referred to as the 5th province of the State of Pakistan. For many people, this might be just a northern territory with perpetually snow-capped peaks and scenic beauties, but this … Continue reading

Branding Pakistan: Empowering Youth By Syed Hashim Haider

Youth of Pakistan covers approximately 60 percent of the total population, which is a significant percentage by all means. It can not be ignored that if any change is to take place, the foundation of the structure needs to be strengthened. The foundation of Pakistan, is the youth,  and if we wish to strengthen the foundation, we first need to educate, empower and more importantly guide the youth in the right direction. The branding of Pakistan into a completely new direction can also take place only if the youth is aware of its responsibility and how to perform its duties actively. It is true that in today’s era, the youth is very much educated and very much able to express their views, but it is also true that the youth lacks direction.

problems of pakistani youth The following factors need to be looked at in order to brand Pakistan with a newer, more positive image:

  • Creating Awareness and Giving Direction to the Youth: The youth of today is influenced by the cyber world and most important component of cyber world is social media. The social media needs to play a directive role in empowering the youth. We need to encourage our youth in reading useful material and information on social networking websites such as twitter, Facebook and youtube etc. These sites possess great deal of information rather than purely being social chat rooms.
  • Encouraging Youth to become more patriotic: We see when ever there is Pakistan’s cricket match, people  wave flags, update statuses and paint there faces green. But are they really that much patriotic as they seem at these occassions? No! definitely not in my opinion. When ever Pakistanis get a chance, their main aim is to go abroad and serve their skills and sources to foreign countries. The government needs to provide sufficient opportunities and rewards for the skills these people posses, so this trend can be changed.
  • Media should act more responsibly: Although, in recent years the media has become more mature in handling and showcasing information. But, still it needs to act more responsibly and portray the brighter side of Pakistan. Already, we have been labeled as terrorists, and any negative representation can lead to further adverse effects and defamation in  the global world. So, media should highlight the news with minimal bias, and it should be presented in such a way that it does not cross the ethics or moral code of presenting news or information.
  • Proper Utilisation of resources: Pakistan as a country posses all the natural resources such as heavy deposits of coal an natural gas in Balochistan. Karachi is the hub of trade, located in Sindh. And Gwador Port, in the same way can be a milestone for the trading activity to take place in coming years. But, the problem still lies in the management. Pakistan has not been blessed with good leaders or managers, who could have utilised the resources in the best possible manner. Instead, the governance was prone to corruption, mismanagement and other incomepetencies which have slowed down the development of the country.

Youth as an emblem of a brighter future

It is true that it is only the youth that can  majorly act as a pillar to strengthen and bring a positive change in Pakistan. When given the right direction and purpose, the youth can achieve wonders for Pakistan and bring it forth among the top most economically sound countries. We do have the talent and skills present in our youth, but we need to educate, train and guide them in the right direction but that too in a manner which does not hamper their inner creativity. And this can only be done through productive discussions with them as today’s youth believes more in logic

Guiding The Youth