Newspackage: Problems faced in Charrar Pind

Charrar Pind is a squatter settlement area located next to the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore, Pakistan. The village, which currently has no proper sewage system, streetlights or proper access to potable water, was inducted into the DHA fold in a ceremony on December 23. Despite this fact, the residents of DHA and Charrar Pind live a highly contrasting standard of living as no proper developments have taken in the region while the promises made by the MPAs and MNAs have never turned to reality.

Muhammad Abubakar Mourige, Agha Sarmad, Saad Naveed and Ujala Sabir together executed this report to make the people aware of this area and an opportunity for these citizens to voice their concerns:

Problems faced in Charrar Pind from Sarmad Agha on Vimeo.


Social Networking and the Individual of the 21st Century

asasalarageThis is the 21st century – the age of social media, an age where we collect friends like stamps. However, despite the fact that man is a social creature, it is not possible for him to be friends with a very large amount of people. Research reveals that most humans are incapable of closely knowing more than around 150 people. This causes one’s social life to get demanding, as soon as new connections are built around the workplace or elsewhere. Thus, enters technology into the scene.


With the emergence of new social networking apps, people have found more opportunities to represent themselves on a public platform.

We belong to a generation addicted to technology, and hence, it has controlled our social circle interaction to a great extent. We engage in online conversations, exchange videos and photos with friends, check-in to places to make people aware of how we live. Even while sitting home, we can be aware of what is going on in other people’s lives, where they are hanging around and how is their lifestyle. As difficult as it may be for one to admit, we all use social networking to represent ourselves to the world the way WE want to.


Daily sharing of pictures related to people’s lifestyles has become a common frenzy on social networking apps like Instagram.

With the emerging concept of individualism in people, they have diverted themselves to a sudden feeling of self-actualization in which they explicitly reveal themselves through their personal achievements which may include one’s professional career, the amount of wealth one owns, a self-image, and of course, consumerism. Taking Instagram for example, we can vividly observe how people daily upload pictures of what they eat, how they look, what they wear, what they buy and where they go. It gives an opportunity to showcase one’s own lifestyle. This makes us realize how badly we’re engaged in endless personal promotion either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Snapchat. We build up profiles, upload the photos only in which we look good, and share about the mainstream trending topics and point of view for the general public to absorb from our image – the way we want them to perceive us as.

One would reach to the thought about why interacting in real time has become so difficult nowadays. To answer that, in real-time conversation, you cannot control what you say. However, in conversing through a technological medium, we get the time-frame to think about how we create a message, or respond to one, think about the consequences of speaking something before we actually say it, have the ability to modify what we have written and no one can read our corresponding facial expressions to what we say. This gives our personal image another edge; however, deep down in our inner-self we know what we are trying to show. We use technology to define ourselves and this may lead to the extent of faking experiences just to have something to share. This sharing of continuous information about ourselves is itself a way in which we feel active and alive to the world of social networking and hence embed into the mainstream culture.

Facing the Reality by Zunaira Naeem

I am going to talk about people who are becoming replicas of celebrities and who are getting in this absurd competition with people who they look up to. Might it be a friend or someone who inspires them but rather then accepting the fact that they look up to them, they start to say “she or he is copying me” how hard would it be for you lot to accept the fact that you actually are inspired by someone’s style, personality or might it be anything? Karl Lagerfeld, Elie Saab and all the rest of the designers get “inspired” by something in their life and that is how you see these fashion weeks and their collections because nobody is born with a mind of a genius, we all get inspirations.

The society we live in is becoming so competitive that at times I feel people will just walk over the person who actually made them what they are today. Everyone asks for fashion and life advice but do they actually imply it on themselves? No, because everyone today thinks they are a photographer because they took a few good pictures, a blogger because blogging is in trend, a make-up artist because they can put a liner straight? Gone are the days when people used to give credits or good remarks to those whom they have actually learned a lot from. My only question is why so hate and competition? People who never compete always get ahead, that’s because they focus on themselves not others, it’s because they’re that much contend that they’ll say it up straight who they got inspired from. So how long will it take for you all out there to give credits to those people who have made you who you are? Stop hating, stop criticizing because not only will it affect your mind which I am sure is capable to achieve a lot more then you can imagine. And stop this competition with each other .We all are average people, living a normal life get out of your fantasy world and appreciate if someone younger to you is doing something good, in simple words stop all this before your mind gets rotten by taking out flaws in every single person you know and focus on yourself, because you actually will be surprised to see how much flaws you have within yourself that you need to get rid of.


Scenic beauty of Pakistan By Basit Ali

Branding Pakistan

People buy brands not products and this is a fact acknowledged by many researchers around the world. We need to develop our brand called Pakistan. Every country is known for its characteristics and so is Pakistan known for its endless geographical features. It is a country blessed with countless resources and four seasons are one of these biggest blessed resources. Scenic beauty of Pakistan itself is enthralling and eye catching. It is the seventh nuclear power in the world and first among the muslim countries. The four provinces of Pakistan with their special features make it more attractable to the tourists. Talking about the mesmerizing beauty of swat valley is the key feature for attracting tourists. Swat is holiday makers delight. Its lush green valleys, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, gushing ice cold waters of river Swat and fruit laden orchards with flower-filled slopes addingimmense beauty to this ancient land. Swat is also known as Switzerland of Pakistan. It is a valley and district in north west frontier province of Pakistan. The real beauty of swat can be seen in its upper valleys such as madyam, miandam and shangla. The latest development is the ski resort of Malam Jabba, some 39 kilometers from Mingora. Swat and surrounding areas provide comfortable rest houses for local and forein tourists who abound the area in summers. The main town of the valley is Saidu Sharief. Kalam, is the most beautiful part of the Swat valley. The land of water falls, lakes, pastures, site of hiking and glaciers, having all the latest facilities of the modern age. Surrounded by lush green mountains, covered with forests and vegetation, a diverse and oldest cultural values to witness and above all the friendly and hospitable people. strawberries are found every where in the forests of Kalam. Pakistan is blessed with numerous bounties buy Allah which should be exploited by Pakistanis to promote tourism.

Branding Pakistan: A blessing in disguise by Syed Ali Farhan Shah

Pakistan is a country that gained independence with the sole intention of keeping peace, stability and tolerance. However after looking at the prevailing situation, one could only mark it as a country where self esteem, no longer exists. Internal conflicts and political instability have taken over. It is considered to be an imbalanced society by the enemies of this country.. Even though the war on terror has portrayed a bad image of Pakistan but sill all it holds a very sound position in the world, All this is possible of the natural resources and the geographical beauty that the country posses. Today Pakistan has the largest salt mines and second largest coal reserves in the world. Along with this it has the third largest gas reserves and it is the fourth largest cotton producer. Our country has the fifth largest gold and copper reserves. A country with these kinds of natural resources cannot be ignored. Northern Pakistan provide with beautiful geographical sites attracting the tourist industry. Areas such as Malam jaba, Kashmir and Neelum valley. Monal in Islamabad is reported as one of the most wonderful site in the world.

Pakistani people are considered to be the most hospitable people in the world. They prove to be better hosts than better guests. The Sikhs that visit Nanka Sahib are greatly obliged by the behavior of the local residents. Residence is given to them along with food and most of all love is given.The moment locals see a Sikh, they warmly greet him  and go out of the way to acquire about his health. They provide them with every facility they acquire. Shopkeepers even feel embarrassed taking money from Sikh customers. Pakistanis are loved by other for their hospitality.