News package: Rising prices of Fuel

A newspackage made by Maryam Waheed, Yasir Ashraf Bajwa. Fatema Ahmed, Amna abid, Khanzada Danyal and Ibrahim Munir on the pressing issue of rising prices of fuel in Lahore. It highlights people’s opinion and gives an insight into what people have to say.

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Games vs Traditional Thinkers and Studying by Eazaz Ali

In the past gaming was just used a way to pass the time with consoles like the PS1 or handhelds like gameboy, and hence in the earlier times gaming was thought to be a waste of time. But now things have changed because not only has the maturity level of the game developers evolved but also the gamer’s maturity level has also evolved and with the new console in the market the industry as a whole has taken a huge leap towards improvement. But unfortunately people still think that gaming is a waste of time, and honesty it really irritates me because the people who say these things haven’t played any games and if they would have played any games then they would have thought differently. Gaming has now evolved so much that now it’s not just for fun or passing the time now it can enhance your reflexes increase creativity and is actually a very good factor in fighting depression. But sadly these traditional thinkers don’t want to change their perception about gaming, they see that gaming is actually good, now, but they will always choose not to believe it. Sure excess of everything is bad, but everything is included in it not just gaming but studying and other things. No one stops us when we are studying all night long but play two hours of games and everyone loses their minds, and why because it’s not productive. Who says gaming isn’t productive it’s a lot productive than studying something that is never going to help us in real life. Everyone says that  two hours of study won’t hurt anyone well to them I say this two or even three hours of gaming can kill three days of stress from studying.

Rich Education for Poor Children- Mubarika by Mofeez Sheikh

1520681_10152270544405255_1342597017_nSince Pakistan’s inception in 1947, education has never been a fundamental right, rather a privilege amongst the lower income citizens. Today, Pakistan is far from meeting its international education obligations. Atleast, seven million children are not in primary school. Three million children will never see the inside of a classroom. Over 30,000 schools need major repairs or are in a dangerous condition while 21,045 schools have no buildings at all.

Mubarika Campus is located in Marrara Sharif, a small farming village located 10 Kms from Pakistan’s border with India in the Narowal district of Punjab. The area is rampant with poverty where majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers or landless farm labor. Mr. Nadir Minhas (Chairman, Mubarika Trust) and Mr. Sikandar Minhas (Vice-Chairman, Mubarika Trust) were regular visitors to Marrara Sharif as they had family roots in this village. Having spent time with the villagers, they learned about their hardships and the conditions and in particular learned about women’s subjugated roles. Married in early teens, their sole purpose had become to serve and raise families and without any education, they also had limited knowledge of health, religion and essentials of life. To end this cycle of poverty the duo decided that the only way to inspire change in the culture of the village was to educate and empower women. An educated woman would lead to an educated family and gradually to an educated village. With proper education, the young children of Marrara Sharif would have an opportunity to better their lives, as they would find higher paid jobs in nearby cities. In discussions with the villagers, they learnt that the top reasons for not sending their daughters to school were; proximity of the school, affordability, unsafe structure of the existing building, lack of security due to non-existent boundary walls, a strong need for female-only teachers and absence of segregated sanitary facilities for them.

Motivated to bring a positive change to their village, both brothers decided to establish a girls’ high school in the area and in July 2006, a 60,000 sq. feet building was constructed that boasted of modern facilities and amenities for the children. The school’s name honoured their grandmother, Mubarika. Although uneducated herself, she was always a firm believer in empowering women through education. This vision led to the formation of Mubarika Trust and board members were entrusted with the responsibility of the construction, development and sustainability of the Mubarika Campus. Mubarika Campus offers 12 classrooms (32ft. X 24ft.), chemistry lab, physics lab, computer lab, medical dispensary, canteen, guest house for volunteer teachers, cool water dispensers, strong boundary wall, segregated to10172783_10152270544845255_1359825199_nailets, staff room, sun-lit quad for morning assembly and library.
On August 10th, 2006 the operational management of Mubarika Campus was handed over to The Citizen’s Foundation. TCF is a dynamic, privately- held NGO with an ambition to provide quality education to the underprivileged and currently manage 730 schools in rural Pakistan with over 102, 000 students. Mubarika Campus is their largest school, both in student strength and square footage. As far as the affordibility was concerned, TCF charges a nominal fees to only those who can afford it. The school initially opened with 400 students and in a very short period, Phase II construction was completed and the school’s population grew to 700 students.

Mubarika Campus has achieved what seemed to be impossible in an area like Marrara Sharif, based on donations from generous people. Currently Mubarika Campus only offers classes till fifth grade to boys. Parents prefer segregation after the fifth grade and therefore Mubarika chose to continue till the 10th grade only for girls but land has been purchased for a separate boys building and even the floor plans have been drawn. Their objective is to provide equal opportunity, quality education to all citizens of Marrara Sharif. Mubarika Campus also plan on eventually offering 11th-12th grade and bachelor programs on campus. After 10th grade there are no school systems in that area and parents are very reluctant to send their children, especially girls to study further.10172783_10152270544845255_1359825199_n

In my opinion, Mubarika Campus is a remarkable effort carried out by these young gentlemen with support from their family. They have successfully managed to achieve a milestone in eradicating illiteracy from their respective rural area in Punjab. This is a humble step towards bringing a revolution in the education sector (rural) in Pakistan. Their small efforts should be considered a motivating factor for people like us, who should follow their footsteps and not rely solely on the government to provide us with good quality education.

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Women Entrepreneurship by Danyal Safdar

Despite the fact that it is hard for one to begin a business under all the risks in the time of recession, one should pay more attention at the ultimate goals and benefits that can come from entrepreneurship. Women’s participation is massive in every field of work, but when it comes to entrepreneurship they become reluctant to put their money at stake.  If we observe closely, we can conclude that we are always uncertain of events that are going to happen in future so every decision in life involves risk and so does entrepreneurship. Why do people then are afraid to invest when they have opportunity to? It is quite an interesting paradox! Most of the women would answer that money is the most valuable thing in this world, and so the loss can be higher. But here we cannot negate the reality that the top CEO’s and entrepreneurs were once at the square one but finally they reached their goals, playing with risk at each step.

Being a woman entrepreneur, your lifestyle needs to work in a particular way. The way that suits you best and which can create a balance between your personal and business life. Balance is very important because your personal life is highly affected by your work; therefore, you need to be careful and responsible to avoid disturbance. If you are stuck somewhere in middle of your business and regret starting it then presumably you don’t believe in yourself.  Believing in yourself is essential because it builds up confidence in you. Confidence further helps you in becoming more focused and determined to your work.

Women need to do household chores and they do not find entrepreneurship as a piece of cake. Subsequently, they become frustrated and disappointed in their work and that is why they lose track more often. This is the biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make.  As a businesswoman you are not always supposed to look at your bank account balance but rather you must look at the progress you make each day. Basically, that is your learning and learning is a process, so it helps you in growing as a successful entrepreneur.

Flexibility is another aspect to go well with your track. If you are flexible and can alter your paths according to odd circumstances to reach your goal, you are indeed a good player. Another important way to keep your spirits high is to accomplish your successes either minor or major.  Primarily, if you are an independent person, it is necessary for you to become your own boss and try to start or improve an enterprise.

You should encourage yourself to get as much information and networking as possible. The more resources you will have, the better you can achieve a smart position in the market. Another thing to keep in mind is to never get depressed on your petty mistakes but you should learn from them instead. Mistakes give you experience and experience is the best tool an entrepreneur can have. Increase your experience, target your goal and there you go for great guns.


E-commerce and its effects by Maryam Waheed

What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.  It also pertains to any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact. An e-commerce site can be a commercial organization, educational institution, government organization or individual. Some examples of e-commerce would include websites such as,,,, .


E-commerce is like a complete package where you can see products online,select online, pay online and then get things delivered at your doorstep

Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community. -Meg Whitman


How has E-commerce changed our lives?

Consumers can access e-commerce and e-businesses at any time of the day or night, from their workplace or in their pyjamas. Consumers can search through countless products and services using online databases. Better, more inviting, convenient and comprehensive presentation of goods is conducive to greater sales. For instance, if you are at Amazon, you can look at what other people who ordered a book also purchased. It is a more Flexible way of buying our groceries, one can shop in the comfort of their own home or at work. Often items on the internet can be cheaper than in the supermarket. People can buy items from overseas that are not yet available in their country.  Facilities such as being able to compare costs of several stores at the same time, keep a tab on your selections, the flexibility of being able to add, remove, and even come back later to carry on choosing instead of closing the deal in one online session itself are quite convenient to a customer. E-commerce and e-businesses offer online storefronts, complete with virtual shopping carts and wish lists that can be emailed to friends and family.

  •          Electronic Shopping (E-commerce):

The shopping conducted through Internet is known as electronic shopping or e shopping. Many business organizations have their websites on the Internet. These websites are use to sell goods and services. Customers place their orders through websites and make payments using credit cards. Any computer connected to Internet can be used for this purpose. People can purchase any goods such as books, software, movies, and computers etc.

  •          Electronic Banking:

A service that allows an account holder to obtain account information and manage certain banking transactions through computer network is called electronic banking or e-banking. An electronic banking is also known as online banking or cyber-banking. Many banks are now introducing online banking. The customers do not need to go to the bank. They can connect to the bank through network/Internet and see their bank account status at home. They can also conduct certain online transactions from home. They can also pay their utility bills through their bank accounts (or through credit card) using this facility.

  •          Conducting Auctions:

Many websites provide the facility of auction. People participate in an auction to purchase a product. They can also pay the price using their credit cards. A popular website that provides this facility is eBay.

  •          Online travel reservations:

It is a very popular use of e-commerce. People can reserve seats in airline flights, hotels or car using the internet. For one thing, with ecommerce, you can never be too sure from whom you are buying your products and whether or not your online payment will be secure. Online payments have certainly increased the number of hackers out there who attempt to steal your identity and credit card numbers. Ecommerce is a blessing as long as it is used wisely. It should not be used to replace human contact altogether and there is certainly something fun about going window shopping along the streets that ecommerce will never be able to replace.One thing that we can definitely conclude is that ecommerce has changed the way we do business for good and it will continue to evolve and improve


Don’t forget to watch this video about benefits of blogging for e-commerce!

Smartphone Era by Anosheh Asif

phones copy


Gone are the days when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. Today, one of technology’s best creations has been named after them. Yes, I’m talking about the smartphone era. Can you actually imagine a day without a smartphone? How did we live without these in the first place?

From playing games to downloading movies, from messaging friends to emailing colleagues, from online shopping to face-timing with relatives sitting across the globe and from finding your favorite “biryani” recipes to booking online vacations. Everything can be done using a smartphone. You name it and you have it.

Smartphones came into being in the 1990’s and since then they have very efficiently turned us into “Aliens”. Everybody you see nowadays is hooked to their smartphones all the time. The idea of meeting each other up for coffee is actually vanishing from our lives due to these smartphones because its like everybody is just a text away now.

People have actually started eliminating their home phones and have converted to smartphones/cellphones. Not only the adults but the children too have joined the race of owning a smartphone. Back in my childhood days, I was actually playing with toys and making doll houses. Children nowadays are smartphone savvy. Even my 4 year old baby cousin knows how to operate his mother’s iPhone!!
Following is a chart that actually shows the predictions and the data of smartphones being shipped globally from 2010 to 2017.

Here you can see a forecast for global smartphone shipments from 2010 to 2017. According to the forecast, more than 1.1 billion phones will be shipped worldwide in 2014. By 2017, the number is expected to climb to over 1.5 billion.*

There are pros and cons of keeping a smartphone. The Pros being :

  • portability factor
  • smartphones have contributed in the process of globalization and shortened the distance between people
  • smartphones are handy
  • GPS helps locate places
  • all of the work can be done anytime and anywhere
  • all sorts of files can be opened and edited using various applications
  • Smartphones are a source of entertainment

Whereas the Cons are :bitstrip

  • If the smartphone gets stolen, one loses all the data
  • durability is not guaranteed
  • they are expensive
  • limited storage memory
  • useless if no internet access
  • people become too much dependent on the smartphones and not having one then causes frustration
  • these smartphones have actually contributed to the less physical activity now a days too

When talking about the advantages of smartphones, here is a video sent by Noor-Ul-Lain Bilal on request.She is currently is doing her undergrad  from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. This is what she has to say about smartphones. Click here to open the Video.

Another video was sent by Mohammad Ahmad on request. In the video he tells about his point of view regarding smartphones. Ahmad is currently doing is ACCA from SKANS School Of Accountancy in Lahore. This is what he has to say about smartphones. Please click here to watch the video.

Moving on, for me the most interesting part of using a smartphone is the social networking. Billions of Twitter messages, status updates and photographs provide thrilling glimpses of the daily lives and activities of friends, “frenemies,” co-workers and peers. It actually keeps me updated with all what’s going around.

On the other hand; all these interesting applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat keep me glued to my very own smartphone too. It is so interesting how we don’t have to spend any money while sending texts and calling each other up via these amazing applications. The internet does the trick!

My personal favorite smartphone is the iPhone. People call me an Apple freak. Are you an apple freak too? If yes, here are a few Apple iStore outlets in Lahore for you guys to visit.

Apple iStores in Lahore

Apple iStores in Lahore


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*(Note : The Only Source used for this article was for the diagram and the stats)