Branding Pakistan: Northern Beauty By Sultan Shah

1) Attabad Lake

 Also known as the Hunza Lake, situated in the Hunza Valley was created as a result of the landslides in January 2010. It is one of the biggest artificially created lakes of Pakistan.


2) Muzaffarabad


Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir. The city lies in the North of Pakistan. Apart from the promising sceneries and beautiful valleys, the city is home to two historical forts: the Red Fort (also known as the Chak Fort) and the Black Fort.


People from the South visit Muzaffarabad in summers to escape away from the heat and enjoy the pleasant weather.




3) Lake Saif ul Malook


Lake Saif Ul Malook is quoted as “Heaven on Earth” by the people who visit this magical place. It is located in the Kaghan Valley near the city of Naran. It is known to be one of the highest situated lakes in Pakistan.


Visitors can reach the place by jeeps in summer season, however due to intense snow falls in winters; this place can only be reached through 3-4 hours of trekking.



4) Concordia


One of the  most beautiful place on Earth, Concordia, heart of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. Concordia is home to four of the world’s fourteen ‘Eight-Thousanders’. It is the best place for mountain hikers. The place is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The sight provides breathtaking views of a number of notable peaks of Pakistan, such as the Godwin Austin, Gasherburn I, Broad Peak and others.



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Sultan Shah


Lahore School Of Economics .


The Province You Didn’t Know About by Agha Sarmad

Gilgit–Baltistan is an autonomous self-governing region which unconstitutionally is often referred to as the 5th province of the State of Pakistan. For many people, this might be just a northern territory with perpetually snow-capped peaks and scenic beauties, but this … Continue reading

Branding Pakistan by Mofeez Sheikh

The concept of branding a nation revolves around building and portraying a positive image of a country or nation to the entire global civilization. Why necessary to ‘brand’ a country ? In today’s modern era of technology and extreme competitiveness on the global scenario , in terms of trade, business opportunities and tourism, it is essential for every nation to identify what is it made of and how it needs to inform the world about its positive aspects , with the help of technology.


A high altitude gem mining platform.

Narrowing down our discussion to Pakistan in particular, I believe that Pakistan is a blessed nation. Blessed because of it’s beautiful, picturesque locations in the northern areas of Pakistan, carved amidst the majestic mountains ; the lofty plains of the Punjab, that grow enough grain to provide for the majority of the population in the country, the mineral-rich Baluchistan and last but not the least , the industrial hub of the country, Karachi lies in Sindh.


Jheel saif ul mulook

Pakistan needs to focus on strengthening their tourism sector and use it to present a ‘ soft ‘ image of Pakistan globally. We, as a nation are in dire need of an uplift in image on the international front. Investment in developing certain beautiful tourist locations of Pakistan can help us accomplish our task. Development of this sector will automatically boost our country’s struggling economic indicators as well. Setting up smart resorts in the northern areas, introducing desert safaris in the deserts of Balochistan and Sindh, improving roads for travelling to areas that are far to reach but are breathtakingly beautiful, Para gliding, celebrating cultural festivals, promoting our culture through exhibitions of our art facts; these are some basic examples of what we can do.

Being a devout and patriotic Pakistani, I truly hope that the public sector and the private sector play a major role in developing tourism as a proper industry in order to improve our image in the global perspective.

“Branding Pakistan – The Point Of View Of Tourism” By Anosheh Asif


DSC_0321 copy


Travelling is the ultimate relief for many. Concern for money only for those who wish to go on international trips but even those wishing to simply have a little relaxation and leisure time find travelling simply the best idea.

Just for a new experience, just for a change, people even from the lower income class seek to have a few holidays just outside their cities to explore places there and to just ease themselves. Everybody ought to consider the benefits of travelling with friends and family. The amount of relief it gives is just simply unparalleled by any activity in my opinion. Travelling is worth our attention seeing the peaceful merry time it gives us with our loved ones, no?

So when talking about travelling, in my very own opinion, Pakistan itself is an amazing place to roam about. Hence if you’re on a vacation why go abroad when you can make the best of it in Pakistan? Pakistan is not only about politicians fighting, people protesting for the ever increasing inflation, shortage of resources, electricity short fall. In fact, Pakistan is about beauty, aesthetics and an unlimited number of beautiful places. From hottest deserts to the coolest mountain peaks, greenest jungles to rocky roads, this country has it all.

Yes, we do have some flaws but we need to see the other side of the picture too. Pakistan with its diverse cultures, languages, people and landscapes is as attractive as heaven would be. From old civilizations like Taxilla, Mohenjedaro and Harrapa to the old forts and buildings like the Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid and what not. I repeat, Pakistan has it all.

We have been blessed with four seasons and seven beautiful rivers. We have four provinces and about six prominent languages are being spoken here. The northern areas of Pakistan have been blessed with some of the highest peaks in the world like the Himalayas or The Mount Everest (second highest peak in the world) for that matter.
The velvet like carpet of greenery and the fresh air that one gets to breathe in the northern areas of Pakistan is truly bliss. The snow covered mountains that one gets to see and to top it all the sports activities one gets to indulge in are as amazing as wondered. Other than that, from shopping to having the richest cuisine, one would never get enough of Pakistan.

Here is a list of places which are a must to be visited in Pakistan:

-Khyber Pass
-Port Fountain
-Lahore fort
-Badshahi Mosque + Faisal Mosque
-The Lahori Food Street
-Pir Suahawa
-Shah Jehan Mosque
– Wagha Border
-kheowra Salt Mine
-Lake Saif Ul Malook


For any further information you can always visit the official tourism website and for any further queries or your feedback please feel free to comment.


Branding Pakistan : Pakistani Culture by Mahnoor Asad

Pakistani Culture is very unique in terms of its social and ethical values. The culture revolves around the religion of Islam which teaches equality among every human being that exists on this planet. Pakistan’s culture is very diverse. It has been invaded by many different people belonging to different races.These people include Arabs , Persians , Mughals , Europeans. These groups differ in the way of dressing, food, religion. Pakistani culture consists of different cultures such as  Punjabi’s ,sindhi’s , balochi’s etc. Now these cultures have strongly been influenced by surrounding cultures of India, Central Asia and the Middle East along with other places.

Pakistani society is largely multilingual and multicultural. Like Sindhi’s and Punjabi’s speak different languages. Traditional family values have great importance. Today due to globalization, Pakistani culture is largely influenced by the western society. Our traditional dress is shalwar kamiz which is mostly turned in to shirt and trousers. This main influence is due to the fact that many Pakistani are living abroad and they come back with this change. Many restaurants from other countries have started business in Pakistan and are making a lot of business here. Media has played a wide role in bringing this change. There are many channels of different countries that we can see these days. This is something that is to some extent positive and negative also. Positively the new generation gains knowledge while negatively they are attracted to it and want to bring it in to practice. Indian movies can be seen here in Pakistani cinema.

We are doing almost everything done in other parts of the world. Large number of Pakistanis lives in other parts of the world like UK, United States, Canada, Australia etc. Large number Pakistanis are also living in Middle East. These emigrants influence Pakistan culturally and economically by traveling to Pakistan .

 pakistani culturepakistani culture

Pakistan — Our Country by Amna Abid

There are many places in Pakistan that diverts people’s attention. Pakistan could be branded through tourism and we have many beautiful places all over the country that could be promoted in a positive way. Some of which are as follows:




Deep into the Karakorum wilderness lies the hall of the mountain kings. Described as the most   scenic single spot on the planet, this “throne of the mountain gods” has four eight-thousanders (including K2) in close proximity and an unlimited offering of breathtaking mountain scenery.



2The seat of Hunza valley, this little town is the capital for western tourists in Pakistan. Famous for its apricots, legends of longevity, Hunza water (an alcoholic drink!) and the gigantic Rakaposhi, this place is guaranteed to live in your memories forever.





Nanga Parbat has the most accessible base camp of all 8000ers and in decent weather can be reached in a single day. The approach itself is an adventure and includes the most exhilarating jeep ride imaginable. The beautiful Fairy Meadows are located close to the base camp with splendid views of the mighty peak, soaring high above everything around.




The cultural capital of Pakistan, this is a city with a non-stop buzz. Once the capital of the Mughal Empire, sites of historical significance are found here in abundance, with Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque two of the grandest. The old city, Sufi night, Food Street and the eloquent flag lowering ceremony on the Indian border are some of the many charms available.




Shandur Pass connects Chitral with Gilgit and is the site of the highest polo ground in the world. Each summer this desolate wilderness holds a huge mountain party called the Shandur polo festival. Teams from Chitral and Gilgit come face to face in a raw, freestyle. The pass is mostly uninhabited and crossing its snow-covered slopes in winters is an extremely challenging high adventure.



Whether a country’s brand creates economic opportunity though investment and tourism, it is an asset that should be managed and measured. A nation is branded based on availability and lack of natural and human resources. These resources are usually called strengths an they can be positive in nature. In times of economic uncertainty, a country’s brand is an asset that can unite government and business alike to encourage travel and tourism.

It is important for us to be aware of our weaknesses and the threats, but even more important to channel our strengths towards seizing the opportunities. There needs to be collaboration of purpose amongst the higher ups in a country both from the government and the private sector.






Pakistan – An eye-catching beauty by Ujala Sabir


Beauty of Pakistan



Beauty of Pakistan




Beauty of Pakistan

Northern Area


Pakistan, is known worldwide for its natural beauty and atmospheric serenity. Here I am going to explain some of the beauties that I remember from my to-ing and fro-ing in the area in the past. The beauty of the Pakistan landscape lies in the light, unlike any other tourist region in world. Fiercer, stronger, and sharper light silhouettes the mountain resort and scattered houses on slopes in ever-changing patterns against the skyline. The sunlight plays with the green nooks and crags of the landscapes, tossing out long shadows that ripple across the green gorges, sometimes through tall pine and fir trees. It turns the hills from opal in the morning to sapphire to gold to silver and finally to dross before descending swiftly in a bright red ball in the evening.



Beauty of Pakistan

Whereas the beauty in most places in the world has been marred by the detritus of tourism, one can still find secluded places in Pakistan — relatively quiet where one can find privacy as well as unmarred vistas of the green hills. Away from the hustle and bustle of the life in the fast lane, one can enjoy a sense of solitary elation at that height — to meditate, and have a rendezvous with life. No hurrying up. It is the light of sculptors, not painters, who love the soft diaphanous hues and tones. Out of that light comes the great image of green hills and the long, clean lines of the spurs separating craggy countryside from the plains. The northern highlands include parts of , Karakorum and Himalayas Ranges. Pakistan is home to many beautiful lakes Manchar Lake, Ansoo Lake, Saif-ul-Malook Lake, Attabad Lake. Other than these beautiful landscapes, Pakistan owns world’s most wonderful heritage. Whether its Archaeological Ruins at Moenjodaro, Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi, Remains of Sahr-i-Bahlol, Taxila, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort, Shalamar Gardens or Rohtas Fort, they depict outstanding cultural or natural importance. Visible cultural fusion takes place in areas that see heavy tourist traffic from all over the country and abroad. Hill-village culture is gradually changing, from plain rustic to urban. Walk on any of the trails interlacing the area, talk to the locals, maybe in one of the many makeshift tea houses doing business in a nowhere kind of place, or take up any of the serene hikes, and you will find them politically alive and well aware of the hot national and international issues, discussing these in pleasant Punjabi blended with flavours of Potohari and Kashhmiri dialects. Talk about green mountains or sandy deserts, a deep blue sea or breath-taking view of lakes and rivers, small villages with mud made houses or amazingly structured buildings and roads – one can experience all this in Pakistan only.

Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistani food
Pakistani food is considered to be the best food in the world. Pakistani cuisine is a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of South Asia. It is known for its richness and flavour. Pakistani food greatly reflects the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Food from the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh and Mughlai are similar can be highly seasoned and spicy, which is characteristic of the flavours of the South Asian region. Food in other parts of Pakistan, particularly Balochistan, Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkha, and the Tribal Areas, involves the use of mild aromatic spices. International cuisine like Chinese, Thai and other continental dishes is also available in almost every city in Pakistan. Fast food trend is highly growing in Pakistan and is readily available.  Pakistani food differs from region to region and even from home to home.


Beauty of Pakistan

And in Pakistan one can not only see but also feel and smell it everywhere. Other than the hilly landscape, the beauty of Pakistan lies in the people who live there. In the area, one sees mostly older men and women strolling along the contours or working in fields or following fodder-laden donkeys coming down from the hills, repose written all over their faces. Younger ones usually move out to cities in search of better opportunities. The locals are amazing people. Resilient! There are many secrets hidden behind those silent smiles — secrets and strengths. In my experience, the people of Pakistan can go to extremes to ensure their hospitality is perfect. Despite of many social and economical problems, people of Pakistan love their country in true sense and are always ready to die for it.