The rising trend of customized cakes by Maryam Waheed

Pictures of 3-D and customized cakes!

Maryam Waheed

Here are some pictures of cakes that i have taken that signify the emerging and rising of customized cakes specially 3-D and different flavored cakes:

1463486_10152091956006349_1700900382_n It is possible to get any sort of cakes made according to specifications.

558989_10151319751414532_399844910_n Many companies have started these cakes specially 3-D ones

252198_4643294957109_1502303796_n All sizes and flavors are available such as this strawberry one.

1621945_10152293353496349_1845237819_n This cake is for a bridal shower made according to customization

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Social Networking and the Individual of the 21st Century

asasalarageThis is the 21st century – the age of social media, an age where we collect friends like stamps. However, despite the fact that man is a social creature, it is not possible for him to be friends with a very large amount of people. Research reveals that most humans are incapable of closely knowing more than around 150 people. This causes one’s social life to get demanding, as soon as new connections are built around the workplace or elsewhere. Thus, enters technology into the scene.


With the emergence of new social networking apps, people have found more opportunities to represent themselves on a public platform.

We belong to a generation addicted to technology, and hence, it has controlled our social circle interaction to a great extent. We engage in online conversations, exchange videos and photos with friends, check-in to places to make people aware of how we live. Even while sitting home, we can be aware of what is going on in other people’s lives, where they are hanging around and how is their lifestyle. As difficult as it may be for one to admit, we all use social networking to represent ourselves to the world the way WE want to.


Daily sharing of pictures related to people’s lifestyles has become a common frenzy on social networking apps like Instagram.

With the emerging concept of individualism in people, they have diverted themselves to a sudden feeling of self-actualization in which they explicitly reveal themselves through their personal achievements which may include one’s professional career, the amount of wealth one owns, a self-image, and of course, consumerism. Taking Instagram for example, we can vividly observe how people daily upload pictures of what they eat, how they look, what they wear, what they buy and where they go. It gives an opportunity to showcase one’s own lifestyle. This makes us realize how badly we’re engaged in endless personal promotion either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Snapchat. We build up profiles, upload the photos only in which we look good, and share about the mainstream trending topics and point of view for the general public to absorb from our image – the way we want them to perceive us as.

One would reach to the thought about why interacting in real time has become so difficult nowadays. To answer that, in real-time conversation, you cannot control what you say. However, in conversing through a technological medium, we get the time-frame to think about how we create a message, or respond to one, think about the consequences of speaking something before we actually say it, have the ability to modify what we have written and no one can read our corresponding facial expressions to what we say. This gives our personal image another edge; however, deep down in our inner-self we know what we are trying to show. We use technology to define ourselves and this may lead to the extent of faking experiences just to have something to share. This sharing of continuous information about ourselves is itself a way in which we feel active and alive to the world of social networking and hence embed into the mainstream culture.

Branding Pakistan: Empowering Youth By Syed Hashim Haider

Youth of Pakistan covers approximately 60 percent of the total population, which is a significant percentage by all means. It can not be ignored that if any change is to take place, the foundation of the structure needs to be strengthened. The foundation of Pakistan, is the youth,  and if we wish to strengthen the foundation, we first need to educate, empower and more importantly guide the youth in the right direction. The branding of Pakistan into a completely new direction can also take place only if the youth is aware of its responsibility and how to perform its duties actively. It is true that in today’s era, the youth is very much educated and very much able to express their views, but it is also true that the youth lacks direction.

problems of pakistani youth The following factors need to be looked at in order to brand Pakistan with a newer, more positive image:

  • Creating Awareness and Giving Direction to the Youth: The youth of today is influenced by the cyber world and most important component of cyber world is social media. The social media needs to play a directive role in empowering the youth. We need to encourage our youth in reading useful material and information on social networking websites such as twitter, Facebook and youtube etc. These sites possess great deal of information rather than purely being social chat rooms.
  • Encouraging Youth to become more patriotic: We see when ever there is Pakistan’s cricket match, people  wave flags, update statuses and paint there faces green. But are they really that much patriotic as they seem at these occassions? No! definitely not in my opinion. When ever Pakistanis get a chance, their main aim is to go abroad and serve their skills and sources to foreign countries. The government needs to provide sufficient opportunities and rewards for the skills these people posses, so this trend can be changed.
  • Media should act more responsibly: Although, in recent years the media has become more mature in handling and showcasing information. But, still it needs to act more responsibly and portray the brighter side of Pakistan. Already, we have been labeled as terrorists, and any negative representation can lead to further adverse effects and defamation in  the global world. So, media should highlight the news with minimal bias, and it should be presented in such a way that it does not cross the ethics or moral code of presenting news or information.
  • Proper Utilisation of resources: Pakistan as a country posses all the natural resources such as heavy deposits of coal an natural gas in Balochistan. Karachi is the hub of trade, located in Sindh. And Gwador Port, in the same way can be a milestone for the trading activity to take place in coming years. But, the problem still lies in the management. Pakistan has not been blessed with good leaders or managers, who could have utilised the resources in the best possible manner. Instead, the governance was prone to corruption, mismanagement and other incomepetencies which have slowed down the development of the country.

Youth as an emblem of a brighter future

It is true that it is only the youth that can  majorly act as a pillar to strengthen and bring a positive change in Pakistan. When given the right direction and purpose, the youth can achieve wonders for Pakistan and bring it forth among the top most economically sound countries. We do have the talent and skills present in our youth, but we need to educate, train and guide them in the right direction but that too in a manner which does not hamper their inner creativity. And this can only be done through productive discussions with them as today’s youth believes more in logic

Guiding The Youth

Branding Pakistan – Positive role of youth by Amnah Farid


 The Youth of Pakistan are also known as the “Nation Builders” and we can play a vital role in the development of the country not only economically but also by morally and practically. We have to erase the differences and opposition by people and make constant efforts to make Pakistan grow and fulfill the basic needs of the people which are below the poverty line. We all are aware of the fact that Pakistan is in danger, it is basically strong in the field of weapons but between the people of Pakistan there is so much difference and contradictions that they don’t even try to unite as one. To be one and keep united the people of Pakistan have to eradicate the internal disputes prevailing between them. We have to wake up from a deep sleep and invoke the spirit of our founder and bring back our country to its feet.


According to a survey, an overwhelming majority of the youth (61.8%) has faith in democracy and peaceful change, as they believe that their vote can be a catalyst for change. An amazing majority of youth (72.6%) is willing to get involved in volunteerism but only 17% are willing to do voluntary work for political parties. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used his ability and skills and by showing extra-ordinary courage, which he manifested in the process of creation of Pakistan and the fight he fought in all quarters during his lifetime. The people of Pakistan will always remain in debt to this great man and sacrifices given by millions of martyrs. We are on a hopeless journey but still we have to try to make efforts for the betterment of the society and develop an positive thinking. We should not lose the right path by simply seeing what kind of absurdities and unfair means are already being followed by our people, rather we should exemplify good patterns of behavior for the coming generations. Shabana Fayyaz, lecturer of Quaid-e-Azam University who said that “The best investment under current scenarios would be empowering the youth”. She added that: “We are surrounded by multiple crises and we cannot meet these challenges without an active participation of the youth as a catalyst of change.”


We are Young Seagulls, trying to fly without feathers. Our precious gems and valuable assets, youth, in the shape of brilliant students, professionals and people in all walks of life are being discouraged, exploited and humiliated by the corrupt lobby. The problem of the emotional and impatient Pakistanis is diagnosed. The solution is in our hands. They need to change themselves and their attitude and approach must base on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience.  Only then we will be able to achieve a Positive and Green Pakistan.



Craze of McDonalds in the youth of today by Maryam Waheed

Introduction McDonald’s was founded in 1955 by Mr. Ray. A. Kroc. The first McDonald’s was opened in Illinois. By August 2002, there were more than 30,000 McDonald’s in 121 places and countries all over the world, including Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, even Russia and China. It has the fastest growth rate in the restaurant industry.The secret of McDonald’s success is its willingness to innovate, even while striving to achieve consistency in the operation of its many outlets. For example, its breakfast menu, salads, Chicken McNuggets, and the McLean Deluxe sandwich were all examples of how the company tried to appeal to a wider range of consumers.               ‘          



  •  McDonalds introduced of brown paper bags with a considerable percentage of recycled content.
  • Reduced solid waste and building a market for recycled products.
  • New paper-based wraps that combined tissue, polyethylene, and paper to keep food warm and prevent leakage.
  • There are more than 33,000 restaurants around the world in 118 countries. It is the world's most consumed from fast food restaurants and people of all ages love to eat food from McDonalds.

    There are more than 33,000 restaurants around the world in 118 countries. It is the world’s most consumed from fast food restaurants and people of all ages love to eat food from McDonalds


Why McDonalds is preferred over other fast food restaurants?

1. The food -Improving food perceptions was clearly absolutely critical to re-appraisal of the brand.

A grown-up menu for adults -Using only 100% chicken breast meat from approved poultry farms, it provides a diverse menu for adults. The breakfast is a fast and convenient way to eat. It was also vital to ensure that customers were provided with options that matched their tastes and wallets. More premium food was launched, both beef and chicken. The aim was to offer better products to build better impressions with the public.

Healthier Happy Meals for children- Parents wanted the Happy Meal to remain a treat for their kids — still to include a toy, for example — but were concerned about nutrition. The salt, fat and sugar content was managed to ensure that nearly 80% of Happy Meal combinations were not high in fat, salt and sugar as defined by the Food Standards Agency.

2. Makeover for the restaurants -Research showed that customers saw room for improvement in some aspects of the McDonald’s experience, so these were addressed with a series of investments.

An inviting new look The single most visible signal of change to consumers was the store re-imaging programme which began in 2006 and which completely changed the look and feel of the outlets. Out went the 1980s hangover combination of bright red, yellow and plastic. In came softer greens, purples and wood, more modern and contemporary furniture, materials and seating configurations. McDonald’s became as cool a place to hang out as any coffee shop.

Encouraging a new attitude -The business made a significant structural change by increasing the number of franchisees. Entrusting more restaurants to local entrepreneurs was a huge success, based on the simple premise that if it is your own business you tend to run a better restaurant. At the same time, focus on improving operating standards led to cleaner, more efficient and friendlier restaurants, while investment in new kitchen equipment enabled the serving of fresher, hotter food. This was complemented by improved communication to stores. The result was distinctly improved customer satisfaction scores. In addition, extended opening hours to reflect changing lifestyles saw more stores trade for 24 hours at least once a week. 5791042                          Key Threats

      • lack of growth opportunities.
      • newfound emphasis on healthier eating.
      • Source increasing incidence of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes among the population
      • McDonald outlets are everywhere, the dining experience is never special.
      • Constant battle Burger King, Hardees and other fast food chains, which leads to an erosion of margins for everyone
      • Alliances with toy manufacturers, while popular with consumers, do little for the bottom line because the cost to run these promotions can be quite expensive.

        Click this link to see to the “10 year financial data of McDonald” that clarifies the growing trend and consumption of McDonalds.

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E-commerce and its effects by Maryam Waheed

What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.  It also pertains to any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact. An e-commerce site can be a commercial organization, educational institution, government organization or individual. Some examples of e-commerce would include websites such as,,,, .


E-commerce is like a complete package where you can see products online,select online, pay online and then get things delivered at your doorstep

Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community. -Meg Whitman


How has E-commerce changed our lives?

Consumers can access e-commerce and e-businesses at any time of the day or night, from their workplace or in their pyjamas. Consumers can search through countless products and services using online databases. Better, more inviting, convenient and comprehensive presentation of goods is conducive to greater sales. For instance, if you are at Amazon, you can look at what other people who ordered a book also purchased. It is a more Flexible way of buying our groceries, one can shop in the comfort of their own home or at work. Often items on the internet can be cheaper than in the supermarket. People can buy items from overseas that are not yet available in their country.  Facilities such as being able to compare costs of several stores at the same time, keep a tab on your selections, the flexibility of being able to add, remove, and even come back later to carry on choosing instead of closing the deal in one online session itself are quite convenient to a customer. E-commerce and e-businesses offer online storefronts, complete with virtual shopping carts and wish lists that can be emailed to friends and family.

  •          Electronic Shopping (E-commerce):

The shopping conducted through Internet is known as electronic shopping or e shopping. Many business organizations have their websites on the Internet. These websites are use to sell goods and services. Customers place their orders through websites and make payments using credit cards. Any computer connected to Internet can be used for this purpose. People can purchase any goods such as books, software, movies, and computers etc.

  •          Electronic Banking:

A service that allows an account holder to obtain account information and manage certain banking transactions through computer network is called electronic banking or e-banking. An electronic banking is also known as online banking or cyber-banking. Many banks are now introducing online banking. The customers do not need to go to the bank. They can connect to the bank through network/Internet and see their bank account status at home. They can also conduct certain online transactions from home. They can also pay their utility bills through their bank accounts (or through credit card) using this facility.

  •          Conducting Auctions:

Many websites provide the facility of auction. People participate in an auction to purchase a product. They can also pay the price using their credit cards. A popular website that provides this facility is eBay.

  •          Online travel reservations:

It is a very popular use of e-commerce. People can reserve seats in airline flights, hotels or car using the internet. For one thing, with ecommerce, you can never be too sure from whom you are buying your products and whether or not your online payment will be secure. Online payments have certainly increased the number of hackers out there who attempt to steal your identity and credit card numbers. Ecommerce is a blessing as long as it is used wisely. It should not be used to replace human contact altogether and there is certainly something fun about going window shopping along the streets that ecommerce will never be able to replace.One thing that we can definitely conclude is that ecommerce has changed the way we do business for good and it will continue to evolve and improve


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